Tried the revamped City Squire Pub

The wife and I finally decided to give the new incarnation of the City Squire Pub a try. We went to the City Squire pretty regularly before it closed, despite not being drinkers (at all in one case and barely in the other). We went for the food, which was generally pretty reliable (with absolutely fantastic wings). That, coupled with the super convenient location, was a big draw considering the dearth of restaurants of the type in the immediate vicinity. The menu for the revamped pub isn’t exactly chock full of things my wife would eat, so we hadn’t gotten around to trying it earlier. Continue reading


More Mazadar

Hopefully you already saw my post raving about the still newish Mazadar Mediterranean Kitchen. Well, let’s just say that they remain a must visit. We probably go there every two weeks or so. I wanted to update locals on some other items we’ve tried.

The falafel is really good. Crispy on the outside, tender and not dried out inside. I’m not convinced it’s housemade, but it’s good.

I also tried the Mazburger. Not going to lie, I felt a bit funny getting a burger at a spot like this, but I just didn’t feel like Mary*. Well, I’m happy to report that this is not an incongruous choice. While the menu description reads like a standard get-one-anywhere burger, that is NOT the case. Everything that cradles the burger patty is fairly standard – melty American cheese, shredded lettuce, ketchup, mayo, delicious pickles, sesame seed bun…but, oh, that patty. This hand-formed patty is not just grass fed beef, it’s richly seasoned and seems to be the same meat you would get if you ordered a kofta skewer, just in patty form as a burger. Delicious. The fries that come with it as a “meal” are standard crispy hospitality battered fries, but cooked perfectly.

Mazadar is nailing it and has expanded their menu. Please check them out. Oh, and service is efficient and friendly, too!

Beerless at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

We recently ate at the BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse on Wolf Road as a dining companion wanted to try it out. Right off the bat I want to point out that 3 of us don’t drink beer and the 4th didn’t order beer, so I guess you know I can only report on the food. With that out of the way, let’s carry on. Continue reading

Universal Orlando Resort trip report early 2019

It’s that time again, off-topic lovers! More food and fun from Universal Orlando Resort during our February/March Florida trip this year. This time, after pricing up the options, we got annual passes for just a bit more than the 2-park, park-to-park passes for our trip. SOLD! 🙂 That means we just have to go back for a single day in the next 15 months to come out ahead and admission is free every day after that. Pretty cool. And with the new Hagrid coaster opening in June, well, it’s pretty much guaranteed. Anyway, below you’ll find a report on the rides and sights and stay and, especially, the food. Here’s the Islands of Adventure lighthouse from our first night for your enjoyment!

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Mazadar is a must visit

For a change I’m going to write a review when it’s really fresh instead of trying to wrack my brain later.  We literally just got back from our first, but definitely not last, visit to Mazadar Mediterranean Kitchen in Albany.  I didn’t feel like taking pictures, but you can find a lot of good ones over at Yelp.  The restaurant is conveniently located on Central in a strip mall sort of across from Kohl’s near New Karner.  The space is bright and clean and roomy.

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Totally off topic – a movie list

If you’re looking for words about food…sorry about that.  I listen to a lot of podcasts these days, many about food and many centered on pop culture.  I’ve heard a lot of ‘top whatever lists’, particularly on movies, which naturally gets the brain juices squishing about.  I decided to see how hard it would be to come up with a Top 10 list.

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