Help me out here, Capital District

Two things.

First: Where are the new snacks at?!  Seriously, it seems like either this region is a black hole when it comes to new snack releases or I’m just looking in all the wrong places.  Does anyone know if a particular store/chain around here is the best source of new/limited edition items compared to the others?  I usually try a few supermarkets, Targets, Walmarts, CVSs, Walgreen…lately it’s been miserable.

I mean, I had to get the Vanilla Frosting Combos at a random gas station.  That’s pathetic.  It took so long to find the last couple of Oreos that by the time I tracked them down I’d already read enough reviews to make it not even worthwhile to get them.  That includes the Fruit Punch ones that were ADVERTISED, but not actually in Walmarts.  Don’t you hate that?  The last time I found anything of interest in a timely fashion was the mystery Jacked Doritos that I found the evening before their official launch at the Clifton Park Price Chopper.

Where are the Cheeseburger Goldfish?

Where are the Minion Tic-Tacs?

Where are the Lemon Twist Oreos?

I know S’mores Oreos aren’t out yet, but will they even show up on their launch day that I believe is tomorrow?  Of course thanks to advance packages to some bloggers, reviews are already out there on these, so you can judge for yourself if you want to get them.


Second: Where do you want to eat?  I’m not going to promise to go and review anywhere that is suggested, but I might.  On a selfish note, it might find us some more good places to eat.  In particularly I would ask for places in west part of the Capital District – Albany, eastern Schenectady County…

I’ll tell you up front that places specializing in Italian are probably not going to make the cut, which eliminates a lot of options especially in Schenectady.  Any middle eastern or Green places we’re missing out on?  On our list already that we haven’t tried is Tara Kitchen, although that’s been reviewed a lot already.  I’ve also got a review started for Alaturco (go there!).   We should try Bel Cibo when she’s able to reopen, too.

Mountain Dew Baja Blast

I love Mountain Dew (original and some of the flavors, particularly Pitch Black).  I love lime.


So I was pretty sure that I’d be disappointed by the Tropical/Lime Baja Blast flavor which has crept out of the depths of Taco Bell to hit normal, standardized containerized form for a limited time.

And of course, I was.  There was a blast of somewhat limey smell when I first cracked it, but it sort of dissipated, oddly.  Yeah, hint of generic ‘tropical’.  Vague hint of lime.  I would have been happier with a full-on, Lime Blast flavor.

It’s not bad, easy enough to finish the bottle I guess.  Just not that exciting.  Super glad I got the bottle instead of having to buy a 12 pack.

Also: Bring back Pitch Black for another run, it’s been long enough.

Found at: Cumberland Farms on 146 in Clifton Park.  Also saw it at CVS.  It’s clearly around if you look.

Eat Up Florida – dining in

Ok, not all of Florida.  More like some nibbles around central Florida.  A couple of bites at some restaurants and some food shopping.  And I tried out a BurgerFi, which seemed like a nice opportunity for a preview since All Over Albany tells us that we can expect the chain to be invading Latham and Saratoga Springs soon.  Let’s start with some sit-downs and the rest will follow in a bit.

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Latham progress?

It certainly looks like the Panda Express is coming right along.  I’m not sure what to make of that one, reviews seem all over the place apart from wild raving over the orange chicken.  I’m sure I’ll give it a try.

But the Sonic looks destined to be ‘coming soon’ for a long time, it really looks like there is zero going on there.

Honey Maid Go Bites


In addition to the Cotton Candy Oreos, I saw these at the Mohawk Commons Target, claiming to be ‘New!’  Little graham pockets with vanilla and chocolate filling.  They looked like an interesting little snack, especially if the pocket tastes like graham, not just generic cracker.

Troublingly, they don’t actually say ‘graham’ on the front.  They are made with graham flour, though.

Update: I tried the chocolate ones.  The amount of filling is weirdly inconsistent, some basically have no filling, others are pretty stuffed.  They’re quite crunchy (think dry cereal) and have little graham flavor.  They’re closer to a generic cracker flavor.  The filling, when there is enough to notice, is fine.  Tastes like any chocolatey filling you’re likely to find in this type of snack.  I give them a solid m’eh.  I’ll have no trouble finishing them off, a serving is a decent snack size of like 26 or so of them and size-wise, again, think large cereal pieces.  Plus you get 3 grams of fiber with a serving, which is a nice bonus.