Target Exclusive Peeps

I don’t buy Peeps.  They really don’t do anything for me, neither fresh nor stale.  But I do love lime.

Peep Peep (Peep)

Peep Peep (Peep)


So it looks like Target has three flavors of exclusive peeps, Lemon, Lime, and Orange Delight.  The only one that tickled my fancy was the Lime, although our cashier did rave about the Orange.

I wasn’t until I just opened these that I saw that they’re actually “dipped in lime fudge”.  I was simply blinded by the lime.

OK, that was bad.

So you get a serious smack in the nose hole upon opening these, they absolutely scream ‘artificial lime scent’.  Pulling one out you see the fudge dip.

Peepy Profile

Peepy Profile

Actually, I was first trying to figure out why the bottom was so smooth and flat.  That’s when I went back and saw the fudge part.

So let’s eat this sucker.  He’s insanely sweet, of course, when you just bite the undipped part.  Super sweet and tangy with candy-like lime flavor, but also a zesty flavor that’s sort of nice.  It’s a limey Peep.  As for the fudge dip, well, it’s gross.  I mean, really gross.  Disgusting white chocolate-ish ick.  I’d give you a better description, but it’s really just a gross addition.  The poor Peep doesn’t deserve it.

I have no trouble suggesting that you give these a pass.  Just too aggressive.  The aftertaste is a sort of nice lime, but it’s just not worth it to me to put up with the rest.

If you’re a Peep aficionado, maybe these will be more to your liking.

Chobani Concord Grape, yes you read that correctly

Maybe you’ve seen these at the store next to the Green Tea limited batch from Chobani.


Yeah, that’s blended Concord Grape, limited batch Greek yogurt from Chobani, a 2% fat selection.

It’s not great.  There’s something wrong with the taste.  I sort of get the concord grape flavor, which makes sense, it does have grape puree in it, after all.  It’s just that the grape flavor is overwhelmed by the tart Greek yogurt I think.  They just don’t play right together.

It’s not just a negative reaction to the Greek yogurt, Chobani is my go-to yogurt brand.  And I’ve been chomping concord grapes since I was a wee lad.  OK, actually squeezing, sucking, and swallowing concord grapes if you know what I mean, just the way my grandmother taught me.  No, these flavors just don’t make sweet music together.

The consistency is very thick, almost like a mousse or tempered gelato.  I don’t know how typical this is of the blended line, the only other one I’ve had is the fabulous vanilla chocolate chunk (that I can’t usually find anymore).

I’ve got another in the fridge from Price Chopper’s $1 each sale and I’ll eat it, but it’s not a favorite.

El Charro in Latham

Based on the review of El Charro on Rt 7 in Latham that’s in today’s Times Union, the potential we saw on our first few visits hasn’t been realized.  It actually sounds like it’s gone downhill, although, to be fair, it seems like the reviewer was there at a very busy time.  Still, the service really sounds poor.

Sad, we really were looking forward to a good, local Mexican restaurant and this was encouraging at first.  We haven’t tried Mexican Radio, but everything I’ve heard and read has ranged from OK-but-overpriced to not-worth-it.  We haven’t tried La Mexicana, I guess that’s next.

Angie’s new Holidrizzles



Ah ha!  I finally found you!  Both of you!  Both kinds of Angie’s flavored kettle corn for Easter/spring – Lemon Drop and Frosted Sugar Cookie.  I’m hoping the Frosted Sugar Cookie will be better than the Frosted Cupcake.  Been looking for these for a little while since I saw them on The Impulsive Buy.  What I wasn’t expecting was the small bag size.  Both Targets I visited today (don’t ask) had both kinds.  Haven’t cracked them, yet, but saw this on both bags:



That’s pretty funny.  Thumbs up for going the extra mile on the packaging.

$1.99 for a 3 oz bag at Target.

Chex Mix Muddy Buddies Cookies & Cream

Under the radar, Chex Mix Muddy Buddy flavors have been coming out at a nearly Oreo-ian pace.  I’ve tried some, resisted others.  The straight chocolate-peanut butter Muddy Buddies are my favorite, and while I can, and have, made them at home, the mass produced, megaprocessed factory uniform batches on supermarket shelves are just so tempting.

I’m pretty sure I picked up this Cookies & Cream flavor up-upstate in a Walmart.

Real Cookie Crumbs!Artificially flavored, of course, but with “Real Cookie Crumbs!”  I think it was the real cookie crumbs that sold me.  These actually sat in the snack cupboard for a while before making their way to the front of the line.

Nothing too fancy here.  Typical 80% coverage of crispy Chex cereal pieces.  Nice cookies & cream aroma.  Some dark flecks that I’m going to assume are the ballyhooed real cookie crumbs.

They’re pretty good.  Quite sweet.  Crunchy.  Yes, they taste like just about anything that is “cookies & cream flavored”.  You can imagine what they taste like.  Creamy vanilla with chocolatey cookie.  As long as you’re OK with the serious sweetness, give ‘em a try.  A few go a long way in terms of satisfying a sweet tooth urge.

Now if I can just figure out why they think they need a bowl of ice cream on the front of the package…

Burger 3 at Burger 21

Chicken Parmesan burger

I went for another chicken burger, trying the Chicken Parmesan burger this time.  It’s described as:

Lightly-fried, homemade Parmesan crisp, white American and provolone cheeses, tomato sauce, toasted brioche bun

The Parmesan crisp isn’t visible here – a crispy disk of Parmesan rests on top of the other cheeses, under the top bun.  By now my distaste for fast food brioche buns should be well known, so you can see I swapped out for a sesame seed bun.  Good choice.  I poured the cup of tomato sauce over the top and ate away.  After the first couple of bites the crisp was no longer crisp and the flavor was lost in the sauce.

Overall, it was fine, well assembled and cooked, which has proven standard at Burger 21 so far.  At most other places this would be a plus burger.  But honestly I’ve already developed higher expectations for Burger 21, so this was just sort of OK.  If you’re craving this sort of burger it’s a fine choice, but I think they have better.

Only negative on this trip was a realization that the whole wheat bun is just a bit too crumbly.  Something’s wrong there, it’s very possible to make a whole wheat bun that is soft.

Fries still nice.  Thai ketchup awesome.  Great service.

Burger 1

Burger 2