Get to know Kismet Mediterranean Grill on Madison in Albany

In some ways, this will be a pretty easy review since others have already done a really good job getting photos and the backstory of this new spot on Madison – Kismet Mediterranean Grill.  Head over to All Over Albany for great pictures.  Visit the Times Union blogs for a pretty comprehensive backstory.  Visit the restaurant’s own website for a menu, etc.  All I have to do is report on our trip.

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I tried to elevate my burger

With a (partial) day off and baby back ribs on sale at Fresh Market, the stars aligned for me to give Elevation Burger a try in Latham (664 New Loudon Rd – in with Fresh Market, Homegoods, etc, tucked in the back).

Now you’re probably going to ask how it was.

‘How was it?’ I hear you ask.

Well, sit back, relax, and let me write way too many words about a burger and fries. Continue reading

Mac and cheese in Latham! I-Dog visit

(Stopped by Galleria 7 Market on 9/30 and I-Dog is CLOSED, so now Innova has launched and closed two stands in the Market.  I can’t believe a mac’n’cheese place can’t succeed here, but prices need to be more reasonable.)

Well, still no Mix N Mac here, but we do now have the I-Dog Macaroni Company (from Innovo Kitchen) at Galleria 7 Market.  Innovo has placed this into the spot they had before with pasta dishes in the Market.  There does seem to be turnover in a few of the spots here with seemingly 2 or 3 empty stalls on a recent weeknight.

However, for a spot that seems targeted to a lunch crowd, there were really quite a few people here on a Tuesday (!) night. Continue reading