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About me and Eat Up Albany!

It’s (another) food blog.  That’s really all it is.

I’m not making all crafty foods and photographing them beautifully with flowers and specially-purchased plates and stripey straws in adorable little glass milk jugs and giving you nice printable recipes.  If I give a recipe I hope it will be clear and readable and your browser should print it if you want to actually use it.  If I take a picture the quality will likely be fair to adequate.  You’ll probably see my stained cutting board and sink with utensils in it waiting to be washed.  It’s not fantasy land…it’s our house.

I cook.  I can (both boiling water bath and pressure).  I dehydrate.  I bake.  I frost everything than can reasonably be frosted.  Because most sweets are really just frosting delivery systems.

I’m not posting constantly.  If I don’t have anything to post about, I’m not going to post.  If you want a nice food blog that you can read daily, try some of the ones over there on the side, they’re what I subscribe to.  I’m trying to focus on local products and places, mainly.  I don’t really consider this a normal web log, my real goal is to talk about local goods and interesting stuff I find to snack on so that if someone runs a search on that place or thing, they might get linked here and then they can read a review of it and, if it’s good, hopefully go buy some/eat there so things/places I like stay in business.  These blog reader thingamajigs are great, just subscribe to Eat Up Albany! and when I do get around to something I think is of interest it’ll pop up in your reader.  No fuss, no muss.

It’s called Eat Up Albany! and not Eat Up Schenectady! because, well, who wants to keep typing Schenectady?  Schenectady is more appropriate for my sphere of consumption, but everybody talks about ‘the Capital Region’ so I felt OK going with Albany.  It’s all a hop, skip, and a jump.

Anyway, that’s pretty much what I’m going for.  Now you know.

Now then, get out there and get us a Bertucci’s nearby (but not too nearby, unless you want to see a grown man’s belt explode) and a nearer DiBella’s would be nice.

If you’ve got something to say, email me at blog at leafytrees….dot com and all that.  I’m sure you can figure it out from there.  Eat up!




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