Trip report for a whirlwind day at Universal Orlando

I’ll try to make this painless if you have no interest in hearing about our theme park visit, go ahead and click over to something more to your liking.  I do have a lot of info on the food, but there’s also quite a bit on the rides, etc., which I didn’t talk about much after our last visit in November 2016.

Last year I damaged my back shortly before our trip, which meant almost no rides for me.  This time, as luck would have it, we had planned a short visit to see my parents in Florida right when Hurricane Irma was also planning to visit.  Off we went and this is what happened (but look at this gorgeous view as we flew from Upstate NY)…

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In brief – Mr. Ito Watermelon Choco Chip cookies from Japan

I got these Mr. Ito Watermelon Choco Chip cookies as a free gift from a recent NapaJapan order (sign up for the newsletter, every month you’ll get a peak at what’s new and a code for some free items when you place a minimum order).  They are…weird.

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The Friday burger tour finds Juicy Burgers & More

Here we are again, talking burgers.  This has really become a thing for me and my weird Friday schedule.  Setting up burger joints in the area and checking them off, one by one.  There are really only about 3 more that I can think of that I need to hit, and only 2 will likely work for Friday lunches.  We will see.

This time we head to Guilderland to finally try Juicy Burgers & More…often passed, never sampled.  How did their fare fare?

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The Friday burger tour rolls into Dave’s Gourmet Burgers and More

If there is a list of the most controversial people in the Capital District food world over the past decade, Dave Khan is surely in the top 5.  If you want to relive the highlights, all you need to do is a quick search for something like “Dave Khan burger”…maybe throw in “lion” for good measure.  Yes, Dave’s Gourmet Burgers and More is the newish shop (since about January of this year) of Dave Khan, mostly known for his ‘exotic’ burgers, including lion at one time.  After seeing the Memphis King himself post something about a great burger at Dave’s, I thought this might be a good stop for my unofficial, impromptu Friday burger tour.

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Fe Fi Fo…m’eh at BurgerFi

Another Friday sort of off from work and another burger check mark to add.  This time it was BurgerFi that I finally decided to get out of the way…sounds like I had high hopes, doesn’t it?  I’ve had BurgerFi once before, in Florida, and was underwhelmed.  After a few reviews when they first opened in Latham, things have been quiet with BurgerFi.  I have never, in person, heard a single person mention BurgerFi.

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Get to know Kismet Mediterranean Grill on Madison in Albany

In some ways, this will be a pretty easy review since others have already done a really good job getting photos and the backstory of this new spot on Madison – Kismet Mediterranean Grill.  Head over to All Over Albany for great pictures.  Visit the Times Union blogs for a pretty comprehensive backstory.  Visit the restaurant’s own website for a menu, etc.  All I have to do is report on our trip.

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