Fresh Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s

Perhaps against my better judgement, I ordered the new limited time sandwich from Wendy’s, the Fresh Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich.  I should have listened to myself.

To be fair, I didn’t hate the sandwich, but I didn’t care for it much and wouldn’t dream of getting another.

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Mac and cheese in Latham! I-Dog visit

Well, still no Mix N Mac here, but we do now have the I-Dog Macaroni Company (from Innovo Kitchen) at Galleria 7 Market.  Innovo has placed this into the spot they had before with pasta dishes in the Market.  There does seem to be turnover in a few of the spots here with seemingly 2 or 3 empty stalls on a recent weeknight.

However, for a spot that seems targeted to a lunch crowd, there were really quite a few people here on a Tuesday (!) night. Continue reading

Almost universally great food at Universal Orlando

2016 was a very busy year.  A long (but flying by), busy, grinding year for both of us, although unusually draining for me at work.  Consequently, when the date for the plane tickets to Florida that we’d purchased way back at the beginning of the year was finally approaching, I decided we should splurge on a few days at Universal Orlando.  We’ve never been and I wanted to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter stuff they’ve added.univ00 Continue reading

Worth getting Hooked?

On a slow, indecisive weeknight we decided to pop into Galleria 7 for dinner for probably the 2nd time.  We both had the fish and chips from Hooked Seafood, which offers a variety of fresh seafood, fish tacos, and the ability to create your own dish on a corn tortilla, greens, or a roll.  For $11 the fresh fish and chips seemed like it was worth trying. Continue reading