Almost universally great food at Universal Orlando

2016 was a very busy year.  A long (but flying by), busy, grinding year for both of us, although unusually draining for me at work.  Consequently, when the date for the plane tickets to Florida that we’d purchased way back at the beginning of the year was finally approaching, I decided we should splurge on a few days at Universal Orlando.  We’ve never been and I wanted to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter stuff they’ve added.univ00 Continue reading


Shuffling some paperwork

-non-food related posting ahead-

After trying to live with the ‘Albanyish Dana’ moniker for a while, for lack of anything better, I’ve decided to put a stake through it.  Don’t like it.  Don’t want it.  Especially since I dipped my toe into Twitter.

Anyway, you may see that changed to SchenectaDana.  I dunno, it’s a little better.  Let’s go with it.  You may find me twittering as @SchenectaDana.

-we now return you to food-

Eat Up Florida – dining in

Ok, not all of Florida.  More like some nibbles around central Florida.  A couple of bites at some restaurants and some food shopping.  And I tried out a BurgerFi, which seemed like a nice opportunity for a preview since All Over Albany tells us that we can expect the chain to be invading Latham and Saratoga Springs soon.  Let’s start with some sit-downs and the rest will follow in a bit.

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Not eating up Subaru

Are these “story” Subaru ads on the radio ridiculous, or what?

I remember our first Thanksgiving together as a family.  All week long they were predicting wet weather, but I once saw a guy drive a Subaru through a puddle…a big puddle, right in front of my bus stop.  I knew that when I got a car, I was gonna get a Subaru.  When we woke up it was drizzling, but I knew that with my Subaru my family would be fine.  We all hopped into the Subaru, even our pet turtle Frank, and set off for my in-laws, clear on the other side of town.  We didn’t even make it to the end of the street before it actually started to rain.  I mean, I had to turn my windshield wipers on.  As we drove across town, hungry for roast turkey and pumpkin pie, my wife got nervous as we skirted other cars pulled over and stuck in ditches because it was raining.  But I knew we’d be fine.  I was even confident enough to take a back road and avoid a traffic light.  We must’ve driven through five or even six puddles.  I didn’t even slow down.  We made it in time for my father-in-law to carve the turkey, safe and sound, even on the Thanksgiving that it rained.