Christmas at Universal Orlando Resort

Imagine the usual disclaimers about skipping this post if you’re not interested in reading about UOR…AGAIN! I know, I know, it’s not local, but I’ve got some great pictures and food talk from a short visit paid to UOR during their holidays celebration.
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Universal Orlando Resort trip report early 2019

It’s that time again, off-topic lovers! More food and fun from Universal Orlando Resort during our February/March Florida trip this year. This time, after pricing up the options, we got annual passes for just a bit more than the 2-park, park-to-park passes for our trip. SOLD! 🙂 That means we just have to go back for a single day in the next 15 months to come out ahead and admission is free every day after that. Pretty cool. And with the new Hagrid coaster opening in June, well, it’s pretty much guaranteed. Anyway, below you’ll find a report on the rides and sights and stay and, especially, the food. Here’s the Islands of Adventure lighthouse from our first night for your enjoyment!

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Totally off topic – a movie list

If you’re looking for words about food…sorry about that.  I listen to a lot of podcasts these days, many about food and many centered on pop culture.  I’ve heard a lot of ‘top whatever lists’, particularly on movies, which naturally gets the brain juices squishing about.  I decided to see how hard it would be to come up with a Top 10 list.

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Food at Disney World and Epcot Food and Wine Festival

As I indicated earlier, we had a long-planned trip to Disney World in Orlando this fall that has now come and passed.  We spent a Saturday at the Magic Kingdom and Sunday at Epcot, then a stop at Disney Springs on Monday.  So it wasn’t a long visit, and I certainly didn’t get to eat everything AJ recommends, but I did the best I could. Continue reading

Trip report for a whirlwind day at Universal Orlando

I’ll try to make this painless if you have no interest in hearing about our theme park visit, go ahead and click over to something more to your liking.  I do have a lot of info on the food, but there’s also quite a bit on the rides, etc., which I didn’t talk about much after our last visit in November 2016.

Last year I damaged my back shortly before our trip, which meant almost no rides for me.  This time, as luck would have it, we had planned a short visit to see my parents in Florida right when Hurricane Irma was also planning to visit.  Off we went and this is what happened (but look at this gorgeous view as we flew from Upstate NY)…

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Almost universally great food at Universal Orlando

2016 was a very busy year.  A long (but flying by), busy, grinding year for both of us, although unusually draining for me at work.  Consequently, when the date for the plane tickets to Florida that we’d purchased way back at the beginning of the year was finally approaching, I decided we should splurge on a few days at Universal Orlando.  We’ve never been and I wanted to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter stuff they’ve added.univ00 Continue reading

Shuffling some paperwork

-non-food related posting ahead-

After trying to live with the ‘Albanyish Dana’ moniker for a while, for lack of anything better, I’ve decided to put a stake through it.  Don’t like it.  Don’t want it.  Especially since I dipped my toe into Twitter.

Anyway, you may see that changed to SchenectaDana.  I dunno, it’s a little better.  Let’s go with it.  You may find me twittering as @SchenectaDana.

-we now return you to food-