Where did those 20 lbs of strawberries go?

We got up early Saturday morning and headed to Bowman Orchards to pick strawberries.  We just managed to beat the rain, just getting doused on the ride back from the field to pay, loaded down with almost 20 lbs of bright red, juicy strawberries.061116-1

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An excellent food day – Benevento Pizza, Burger 21, etc.

It’s pretty great when you don’t even set out to have an awesome food day, but just stumble into it.  Today was such a day. Continue reading

My first napaJapan order

Late in 2015 I finally decided to admit defeat on finding interesting Japanese candy locally.  I may not have looked hard enough, but I found almost nothing.  It was disappointing.  You (I) can only watch so many fun things you want to try scroll by on Twitter, etc., tasted and tested by other people, before you just want to get in on it yourself.  After a little poking around at sites I’d seen recommended, I went with napaJapan and placed an order.  Mostly Hi Chew and Mentos.012516-01 Continue reading

Cracker crush – new Triscuits Smoked Gouda

Impulse bought a box of new Smoked Gouda Triscuits at Target and normally wouldn’t bother blogging about them, but these are fabulous.  It’s a good thing they’re Triscuits, because I feel like it would be easy to destroy a box of a lighter, easier to eat cracker that tasted this good.020316-1Seriously, if you like Triscuits and smoked gouda, try these. Continue reading