Cracker crush – new Triscuits Smoked Gouda

Impulse bought a box of new Smoked Gouda Triscuits at Target and normally wouldn’t bother blogging about them, but these are fabulous.  It’s a good thing they’re Triscuits, because I feel like it would be easy to destroy a box of a lighter, easier to eat cracker that tasted this good.020316-1Seriously, if you like Triscuits and smoked gouda, try these. Continue reading

Stewart’s Premium Milk Chocolate with Eggnog candy bar

I can’t say I was ready to rush out and buy this new seasonal candy bar from Stewart’s when I first heard about them.  But I do buy a carton of eggnog each year to sip during Christmas baking, so I guess it was inevitable that I was going to give one a shot given the chance.  Popping in for some milk recently was that chance.

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