Trip report for a whirlwind day at Universal Orlando

I’ll try to make this painless if you have no interest in hearing about our theme park visit, go ahead and click over to something more to your liking.  I do have a lot of info on the food, but there’s also quite a bit on the rides, etc., which I didn’t talk about much after our last visit in November 2016.

Last year I damaged my back shortly before our trip, which meant almost no rides for me.  This time, as luck would have it, we had planned a short visit to see my parents in Florida right when Hurricane Irma was also planning to visit.  Off we went and this is what happened (but look at this gorgeous view as we flew from Upstate NY)…

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Almost universally great food at Universal Orlando

2016 was a very busy year.  A long (but flying by), busy, grinding year for both of us, although unusually draining for me at work.  Consequently, when the date for the plane tickets to Florida that we’d purchased way back at the beginning of the year was finally approaching, I decided we should splurge on a few days at Universal Orlando.  We’ve never been and I wanted to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter stuff they’ve added.univ00 Continue reading

Tried two new restaurants, lost one

I guess you could call this an interesting week, eating out-wise.  Sadly we learned that the City Squire in Schenectady has closed, abruptly.  As in, seemingly out of the blue.  I mean, we were just there.  Typical busy weekend dinner crowd, noisy, busy bar.  You got me, but we’re sad, the food had gotten really good in the past year or so, pretty much worth the few extra bucks that had also been added to the menu.  Their wings were raved about and for good reason.  Great burgers.  Gonna miss that place.

I did get to try that Schenectady institution, Morette’s King Steak House on Erie.

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Eat Up Florida – dining in

Ok, not all of Florida.  More like some nibbles around central Florida.  A couple of bites at some restaurants and some food shopping.  And I tried out a BurgerFi, which seemed like a nice opportunity for a preview since All Over Albany tells us that we can expect the chain to be invading Latham and Saratoga Springs soon.  Let’s start with some sit-downs and the rest will follow in a bit.

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Burger King small order review

Desperate for a quick bite, I succumbed to the hype and stopped at Burger King yesterday on a long drive and tried some of their chicken nuggets.  Let’s keep this as brief as my visit:

They have a lighter, more granular coating than the thick envelope encasing McNuggets.  Way more “chickeny” tasting than McNuggets – more like one of those ‘make healthier nuggets at home!  hint: they’re baked not fried!’ tastes.   They’re cheap.  They’re just not that exciting.  I’m not even going to bother looking up the nutritional info (bad blogger!), they seem marginally healthier than McNuggets.  But I guess if I want homemade taste I’d make them at home and they really would be healthier.  If I’m buying fast food nuggets, I guess I want McNuggets.  These, to me, were closer to Wendy’s nuggets, which aren’t all that exciting, either.

I also added on a cheap bacon cheeseburger because, well, hmmm…why did I?  I guess the fact that I haven’t eaten at Burger King in years made me wonder if they’re as bad as many claim compared to the other two biggies.  It wasn’t offensive, really.  It just wasn’t really anything.  The bacon had some bacon flavor and was nice and crispy actually.  The burger itself was barely noticeable, flavorwise.

It was all just so very m’eh.

At least now I know.