Where did those 20 lbs of strawberries go?

We got up early Saturday morning and headed to Bowman Orchards to pick strawberries.  We just managed to beat the rain, just getting doused on the ride back from the field to pay, loaded down with almost 20 lbs of bright red, juicy strawberries.061116-1

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Beating botulism

Do you can?  Do you can high-pH foods (aka “low acid”)?  Do you do it safely?

Here’s a handy-dandy reference on how not to die of botulism poisoning!  Yay for not dying from botulism!

Not much new here for me, I’ve been canning (BWB and pressure) for a few years, so I’m already suitably panicked over botulism enough to ‘follow the rules’, but a refresher never hurts.  And if you’re interested in trying it, this is a nice starting point to make your hair stand on end so you FOLLOW THE RULES.  EVERY TIME.  10 psi means 10 psi.  30 minutes means 30 minutes AFTER reaching 10 psi.