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Tequila’s second shot goes down better

I’m happy to report that giving Tequila’s in Shop Rite Plaza in Niskayuna went MUCH better than the first time. As I previously wrote, the food was really good, but the customer service/ordering experience was beyond frustrating.

They have since joined up with Mealeo for online/mobile ordering. This has resulted in a bit less customization availability that was welcome on their website ordering. But it also adds some accountability to online orders. Anyway, ordering on Saturday we used the Mealeo app to order. The pickup time was 30 minutes from order and was ready within 5 minutes of that time. Not great, since our order wasn’t elaborate and they didn’t seem to be busy when I went to pick it up, but at least I wasn’t standing around in the foyer for an hour. It was downright bearable.

The food again was well worth it. My wife got the fajita quesadilla again. As promised after my 3 types of tacos last time, this time I just got the al pastor tacos, which were the highlight of my previous order. Three al pastor tacos came with rice and refried beans. The tacos were only slightly oily/greasy and were magically without the cilantro they were supposed to have, saving me the effort of removing it.  I was able to add on items and added tomato and mexican cheese. They also had radish (?) discs and a little container of…something.  I honestly couldn’t tell what the thick sauce was, but I tasted a little dab and instantly knew it was too spicy for me, so I left it alone. These were good.

I also got an appetizer trio platter, which included a small cheese quesadilla, chicken taquitos, and chicken wings. As noted the quesadilla was small, cut into triangles and about what you’d expect. The taquitos, four 1-2″ long fingers, were OK…crispy. But rather bland. I see now that the trio platter was supposed to come with sour cream and guacamole, which could have livened both of the above up properly, but these were not included in our bag. You get your choice of wing flavors and I got garlic parmesan. The three wings were ok, not thickly deep fried, which was sort of nice as a change, but they were very lightly flavored, almost to the point of being without flavor. Overall a decent little appetizer platter, particularly if you get the sour cream and guac.

So, all in all, this was very encouraging. Tequila’s is a short drive for us so it would be great if we could count on them. Give them a try. I’m up for another try.