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Join me on this snack journey

Maybe you’ve gotten the same ad on social media somewhere…Desert Drinks & Exotics. Wacky fun drinks and snacks from around the world! It was the passionfruit drink picture that really sucked me in, though. Big passionfruit juice fan right here (I even bought passionfruit powder so I could make passionfruit ice cream). Anywho…

I started looking at their website and decided to jump on in. Given the interest in my NapaJapan posts, I figured there may be some interest in Desert Drinks. If my first order goes well and I recommend them, perhaps others might want to give them a try. So below is my first order and I’ll report on the delivery, packaging, condition, and tastifulness of everything.

  • Chocolate Twinkie – Egypt
  • Passionfruit Kit Kat – Japan (NapaJapan can’t sell Japanese Kit Kats here, so glad to see these)
  • Strawberry Oreo Wafer Rolls – Thailand
  • Vanilla Oreo Wafer Rolls – Thailand
  • Chocolate Oreo Wafer Rolls – Thailand
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Oreos – Australia
  • Chocolate Moon Pie – USA
  • Strawberry Moon Pie – USA
  • Zab Zeed Lays Max – Thailand (yeah, I dunno, but they look good)
  • Grilled Chicken Skewer Lays – Taiwan
  • Peanut Butter Kit Kat Chunky – UK
  • Mixed Fruit Funday Popcorn – Egypt
  • Pizza Funday Popcorn – Egypt
  • Orange Passionfruit Tropicana – China
  • Peach Cherry Tropicana – China
  • Passionfruit (sensing a theme?) Sunkist – China
  • Passionfruit Frenzy Mountain Dew (!!!) – New Zealand
  • Arctic Sun Faygo – USA
  • Tropical Fanta – Macedonia
  • Lime Crush – Canada
  • Exotic 7up (France)