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Take out from Innovo Kitchen in Latham

We waited a LONG time before finally trying Innovo Kitchen on Route 7 in Latham. Shortcut review: We won’t wait so long before going back! It was their Twitter post on Saturday touting their Saturday special that finally drew me in. I had my eye on a couple of new places to try (currently at least 3 on my list – hopefully test drives and reviews soon), but when I ran the special by my wife she jumped on board.

The special offered was two kinds of macaroni and cheese, oat bread, caesar salad, and chocolate or lemon cake. There were 6 choices of mac and cheese (lobster was a $15 upcharge).  All that for $40, said it feeds 3-4.  That sounded like a great deal on a cold February night, plus maybe some leftovers for another meal. Could have gotten free delivery, but we picked it up. We added on some parmesan tots and clam chowder to try.

I was already wondering what I had gotten myself into when the hostess produced my dinner for two in a giant box with a large bag on top!

The chowder was a generous bowlful, I had it for lunch today. It wasn’t my favorite clam chowder ever, but it was quite nice and hit the spot with some of the bread from last night. Lots of potato and clams, good flavor and consistency. It was real deal stuff considering where we are. I won’t rush back for it, but might get it again. The tots I haven’t tried, but are reportedly pretty good, a bit bready, and may have been better fresh, despite the air fryer’s ability to revive things like that.

The caesar salad was straightforward. The romaine was nice and crisp and evenly cut up. The sliced Parmesan was generous and nicely varied in size. A small container of croutons accompanied the quite large container of salad (easily enough for 4-6). The only odd thing was the smallish cup of dressing. Given the over-the-top two tubs of sauce the came with the serving of tots, it was a touch on the skimpy side…the LAST time anything here can be described as skimpy.

Let’s talk mac and cheese. We got the plain and the short rib versions. Each came in an individual foil baking container. Perfectly textured pasta in tasty cheese sauce, topped with fresh bread crumbs (I have to assume given the texture). My short rib version isn’t overwhelmingly meaty, but the inclusion is noticeable and adds to the overall taste and texture. I did find that a bit of barbecue sauce brought it from very good to wonderful. The touch of acid and brightness is just what the dish needed.

As for that ‘serves 3-4’? Is that supposed to be a joke? As I said, the salad could serve 6 easily. The DELICIOUS dark, airy, oat topped bread was a full loaf. two of us didn’t get through half of it with dinner. As for the mac and cheese – I am not kidding when I say that each container, each of the TWO containers, could serve probably SIX.


That’s one container. And that’s not a teaspoon, that’s a large tablespoon! Forty bucks? Insanely good deal. And dessert! Let’s not forget that.


That’s a terrible picture, but it does show you what you’re getting in terms of layers. The cake was incredibly rich, we cut it into four pieces, these are the remaining two. It’s very good.

This was a massive win. I’m glad we had a lot of room in the fridge for leftovers. There are many things on the Innovo Kitchen that I’d eat, most of them would require some tweaking for my wife. Regardless, I think we’re both ready to try again. Innovo Kitchen is open for dine in and they have heated patio dining, but as I said we picked ours up. Their online ordering system was easy (you will pay a small service charge, which should have been more clear up front – but it was less than $2) and they got everything 100% correct, which is far too rare nowadays. The takeout packaging of everything was well thought out and high quality (I’m keeping the salad container to use again). Give them a shot, I’m glad we did and sorry we waited so long.