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New Celadon Thai, Same as the old Celadon Thai

And that’s a GOOD thing!

I was pretty excited when I saw Steve Barnes twittering that Celadon Thai’s new location, in the space that used to be Cella Bistro on Rosa Rd in Schenectady, was opening as this location is much more accessible for us than Latham. We were looking for something quick on Saturday and that never would have been Celedon before, but this time it was a good choice.

Please be aware that there are definitely some opening kinks to be worked out. Among them, they’re looking for more servers, so if you’re looking, stop by and see them! We’ve been to the Latham location maybe a dozen times and had chatted with the owner a few times, very casually and briefly. Nevertheless, she recognized us when she brought out our fried dumpling appetizer. Trust me, restaurateurs, this goes a long way to bringing back customers. She was so sweet and appreciative of our congratulations on the new location.

As for the food, it seemed pretty much the same. I didn’t recognize any of the servers I saw, but don’t know who is doing the cooking. My only qualm was that my ‘2’ spice level Duck Basil stir fry wasn’t spicy at all, but I’m going to chalk that up to harried server error. Otherwise it tasted like the dish I usually got in Latham.

We never went to Cella Bistro (menu not our thing), but the space is nice enough, although parking isn’t abundant. There were too many people put off by a short wait for their online order, which is ridiculous. They JUST OPENED and you’re ticked about an extra 5 to 10 minute wait for an order you conveniently placed from your computer or phone?

Please support these great people and their delicious food.