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Tried the revamped City Squire Pub

The wife and I finally decided to give the new incarnation of the City Squire Pub a try. We went to the City Squire pretty regularly before it closed, despite not being drinkers (at all in one case and barely in the other). We went for the food, which was generally pretty reliable (with absolutely fantastic wings). That, coupled with the super convenient location, was a big draw considering the dearth of restaurants of the type in the immediate vicinity. The menu for the revamped pub isn’t exactly chock full of things my wife would eat, so we hadn’t gotten around to trying it earlier.

Honestly I’m not sure where I fall yet on the place. On the one hand, the food was pretty good and the selection has plenty of things I’ll eat. Service was OK. But on the other hand, only a few options for my wife and the place is SUPER loud, even when half (or less) full. Like, REALLY LOUD. So, yeah, we’ll probably go back, but not in any big hurry, which is a shame, really. The menu overall, you’ll readily see from looking at it, is a real mish mash. A bit of this, a smidgen of that. If they can execute everything well, then it’s fine as there will be something for just about everyone. But there’s no way to look at it and say, “This is the type of food they serve.” if asked what they specialize in.

My wife got the Asian Chicken Salad that came in a big, goofy bowl. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Amusingly, the description does not make it clear whether it comes with chicken. The list of salads has options for protein to be added underneath, so it was sort of a toss up as to whether it would automatically come with chicken, despite the name. It was judged OK, with an unwelcome bitterness, either from the greens or perhaps the dressing.

I got the fish and chips, thinking it a decent way to size up their kitchen. The fish and chips was pretty reliable at the old City Squire. The fish was really good, actually. A big portion that I didn’t quite finish. Nicely crispy and delicate to the point of falling apart inside. The fries were OK, although I left many more of them than I left fish. They may have started out crisp, but were served under the fish and so continue to steam and get soggy. The truly ridiculous part was the too-clever-by-half way of serving all this, in a narrow basket contraption, lined with paper. The fries trapped underneath the fried fish. It made everything so awkward and frustrating to eat, to be honest. I’d break off a piece of fish and it would fall apart. This isn’t normally a problem, you just scoop it up. But here the pieces of fish then get all lost and intermingled with the fries, then you can’t even really scoop up the pieces with your fork because the tines are catching in the basket. It just felt foolish to me. The fish was so good that I’ll still order it again, but I’ll ask that my meal just be served on a plate so I can eat like a normal person and concentrate on the food, not the machinations I need to go through to get it in my face.

Not a rave, not at all a bust. They have some interesting sounding burgers that I can see myself trying. Things were cooked well, so that’s a great sign. A couple of their handful of wing options looked decent. Maybe they could really pay tribute to the City Squire by bringing back the extensive wing flavor list with rotating specials. Of course it would help if they make great wings, I’ll have to see how they stack up next time.

Oh…the salad? Came with chicken 😉

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  1. The food is mostly ok, as you indicated, but hardly anything special. Whoever is running the kitchen is trying too hard. I get the feeling they want to be Druthers or The City Beer Hall, but whoever the “Chef” is, simply doesn’t have the skill or budget/resources to pull it off. The food would be much better if they tightened up the menu, focused on quality ingredients with simple preparations, and stopped trying to be something they’re not.

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