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Moroccan Tajine in Latham

We love Tara Kitchen in Schenectady, but the limited seating can be a bit of a bummer as we really only go at odd times when we think we can get a table.  So when we saw that another Moroccan place was opening in Galleria 7 Market in Latham we were pretty excited.  Their menu looks really ambitious for a stall in the market, so that was a little odd, but we wanted to give them a try.  The first time we went was the first or second day they were open and they only had a few items, which was disappointing, and honestly I don’t even know what we got, but it was so-so.  Our second visit was more representative.Not a whole lot to really say.  The food was OK, but we weren’t over the moon about it.  Maybe our choices need honing to the things that we might enjoy more or are better suited to their abilities in that space.  Not sure yet.This was my wife’s choice.  I believe it’s the chicken marinated kebab.  I wish I had a a lot to say, but it was…fine?  Ok?  Not bad?I got the lamb tajine (oh, what a surprise, I got the lamb!).  Well, for starters, I certainly wasn’t expecting a lamb shank.  Or hard boiled eggs.  It wasn’t bad, especially pairing the meat with some of the sweet, dried apricot.  The almonds were…there?  I don’t know, the didn’t do much for me.  The shank itself was ok, at least flavor-wise.  Not much meat as you can see, and pretty fatty as shank can be.  Frankly, if I want lamb shank I’m going to Persian Bite in Schenectady.  Overall it was just a bit of a headscratcher for me.

I think there are still a few things on the menu I’d try, but I think maybe my expectations were too high.