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Post-Christmas 2017 HomeGoods goodies

I love going to HomeGoods a couple of weeks after Christmas.  They always have strange, imported goodies still kicking around and start putting them on clearance.  I ended up with an armload this year (although mostly not clearanced, yet, still cheap).  But I’ll kick off with something I certainly did NOT buy – a 2,000-count dark chocolate selection!

Yes, this giant (I didn’t measure it or anything, it was probably 3 or 4 feet square) sack of dark chocolate minis contains approximately 2,000 squares.  I thought the bag was a joke when I saw it sitting there, but, no, it’s real.

22 POUNDS of minis.  By the way, you can get some sense of scale by how the bag compares to the display table it’s on here.  How much was it?

Well, compare price of $400 – their pre-clearance price $300, on clearance for a mere $200!  10 cents a piece ($9.05/pound) at that price for “Organic European Chocolate”.  Anyway, here’s what I did buy:

First up, I love me some nougat and got two kinds.

This is a soft nougat with cranberries, pistachios, and cherries from Australia.  Naturally.

Sounds good to me.  Then there was this one, which I’m hoping is like a more gourmet version of the standard Brachs…heck, I’d be happy if it tastes like the Brachs ones that aren’t as easy to find as I’d like. (these are awesome, I went back and got the only other bag they had left)

Next up was a really straightforward choice that just looked tasty for an investment of like $4.

Chocolate mousse filled candies from Spain.  Ok.  Sounds good.  (actually, they weren’t that good) Now we’re diving more into novelty and humor, though.

Yes, that is a giant peanut butter cup with bacon in it.  They had three of these, two regular peanut butter cups and one with bacon.  I got this one.  Because: d’uh. (this was boring and low quality)

This next one was just so visually striking that I had to get one.  “Traditional British Candy”:

What is it, you ask?

Humbugs.  Colored like the British flag.  I have no idea how “traditional” these are nor if they’re any good…nor even what the Brits call tutti frutti…but for a couple of bucks I want to give them a try.  I was so taken by the candy itself that I didn’t read the back – but look what my wife noticed on the back label:

“May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.”  😀 Oh, those crazy Europeans and their warnings.  What?  Sugar can hype up kids?!  That’s crazy talk!  I do wish it was natural flavor (flavour) from the tutti frutti fish, though. (these are super tasty and I wish I had more) These next ones were actually just in their standard display towards checkout, but I couldn’t resist the lure of the gingerbread.  Like gingerbread m&ms…not “gingerbread flavored”, but actual gingerbread.  We’ll see.  (they live up to the billing, they’re so-so)

And they have other kinds, I think I saw all of these there:

I should have grabbed the peanut butter ones, too, but was out of hands. (got them later, they were OK, not significantly better than peanut butter m&ms) I like that, written on the bottom of the pouch, is “Swan dive in you can eat your kale later”.

Finally, being a penguin freak, despite being milk chocolate, these were a no-brainer for $2:

Fricking adorable.  If that bag had 2,000 of these in dark chocolate, I might have bitten 🙂

I’ll update this with reviews of the products, so if you care, check back!