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McDonald’s Buffalo Bacon sandwich

See McDonald’s put coupons in newspaper to get free fries and a drink (any size!) with purchase of fancy new sandwich.

See me fall for it.

See me try it.

See me remember why I never eat at McDonald’s.

Despite the comically long name, the idea for this item is clearly a good one: The Buffalo Bacon Signature Crafted Recipe sandwich.  If this story is to be believed, it may still be in limited release, which is why there is so little info online.  I urge you to click through, though, and see the nice promo picture before you look at what I got.  First, let me point out that, when I went, this McDonald’s was NOT particularly busy.  There was no mad dash to get orders out.  Here is what I found in my fancy box when I got home. 122717-1

Let’s recap what is going on here.  You get to pick between a burger or chicken, which can be grilled or crispy fried.  It’s buffalo chicken, of course I got crispy fried.  You can pick a sesame or “artisan” bun, whatever that is.  There is lettuce, as you can see, since most of it is hanging out in…and out…of my box, plus a piece that has escaped the sandwich and scaled to the top of my sesame bun (spoiler: probably trying to get away from the chicken).  Blue cheese.  See it there in the corner of the top of the box?  That, mixed with some white lettuce bits, represents a solid 50% of the blue cheese sauce on my sandwich…well, not ON my sandwich…in my sandwich box?  Buffalo sauce, of course.  And, I quote, “thick cut applewood bacon”.

Deep breath.  Ready?  Let’s open it up.Ok. Wow, lots more yummy looking lettuce on there, right?

That smudge on the chicken, coupled with the reddish-orange staining on the top bun, represent the buffalo sauce that did a good job flavoring approximately 15% of my sandwich.  I bet you didn’t think there was going to be so much math in this review, did you?

You can also clearly see the other half (50% for the mathematically-minded) of my blue cheese sauce.  The bite or two with it was decent – markedly better than the parts without.

Bacon?  Bacon, bacon, who’s got the bacon?  Wait, I see it.  Let’s pull off some of that luscious lettuce and have a better look at our pile of thick cut applewood bacon.Yup, there it is.  That is a solid, I dunno, 1.25 slices or so of decidedly thin cut bacon.  And, yeah, there are two legitimate smears of buffalo sauce in there along with the main blot of blue cheese sauce.

Hey, bun’s nicely toasted…or, I dunno, do they make them so they look that way when they come out of the bag?

Now I’m used to Wendy’s, or even smashburger’s, big, juicy fried chicken patties.  One more picture, trying to convey what was on this sandwich…sadly, the color and texture of the chicken made it difficult to photograph.You can hopefully clearly see that it doesn’t even cover the bun.  Signature recipe, indeed!

But looks can be deceiving, right?  Sure they can.  But not this time.

The buffalo sauce, on the bites where it existed, was decently zingy.  The blue cheese sauce, when briefly encountered, added a creamy smooth coolness.  I picked off most of that stuff they’re passing off as lettuce – I barely tolerate good lettuce on sandwiches.  The parsimonious portion of bacon was actually VERY tasty when it made its way into a bite.  It was legitimately the tastiest item involved with this sandwich.  Imagine if it was actually thick cut!

The chicken was utterly pathetic with no redeeming factors that spring to mind.  It wasn’t particularly crispy, but then again I didn’t eat it right away, so I can’t ding them much for that, it might be my fault.  But the biggest sin was either the factory preparation or restaurant finish.  I can’t decide if it was fried, frozen, then reheated at the store or simply way overfried at the store.  Either one could have produced the dry, chewy, dense, rubbery mass that made me regret not getting the burger option.  Maybe it was fried and frozen, then finished in the fryer at the store.  It doesn’t really matter, it was a mess.  These people need to go to Wendy’s and see what you can get for a chicken sandwich for the same price.

The free medium fries were fine.  I don’t recall McDonald’s fries being so thin, nearly shoestring, in the past, but it’s probably been a long time since I had them.  Too thin to retain potato-ness, they were just crispy fried sticks.  Not much wrong with that.  Certainly nothing to rave about.  I ate 100% of them.  Finally, for extra credit, guess how my free soda was.

My free, large, self-serve root beer was 100% fine.  Give yourself an extra…let’s call it 8 points…if you guessed correctly.

I can’t recommend this.  Sorry for the math, there’s probably at least 4.8 times more math than necessary in this review.


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