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Review of Food Cuisine Asian Bistro in Schenectady

You see a lot of oddly named Chinese-American restaurants, but Food Cuisine, an Asian Bistro on State in Schenectady near Mohawk Commons, might be one of the odder ones.  I think it at least takes the cake locally.I keep hoping to find a reliable C-A restaurant nearby, but we’re still looking.  The very dark interior of Food Cuisine was at least clean and tasteful.  The television seems unnecessary.The location, 2035 State St., near Mohawk Commons, is good and the reviews are decent, so it was worth a shot.  We ordered standard fare to set a fair baseline, although the non-sushi part of the menu isn’t very extensive, anyway.  I ordered chicken satay as an appetizer to share and it was…fine.  Hot.  Oily.  But nice to see “real” chicken strips.

My wife went for the chicken lo mein.  Standard.  Fine. I opted for the C-A classic, General Tso’s chicken (pardon the blurry picture).  Also, standard.  Fine.  Not memorable.My entree came with soup so I got wonton soup.This was decent enough and the wontons seemed house made.

Service was OK, not overly attentive.  Prices were a little high, but not outrageous.  There was just nothing to excite either of us about going back.  Certainly nothing to make us stop ordering takeout from East Wok in Clifton Park or making trips all the way to Albany to Rain for sit down.  Oh well.