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In brief – Mr. Ito Watermelon Choco Chip cookies from Japan

I got these Mr. Ito Watermelon Choco Chip cookies as a free gift from a recent NapaJapan order (sign up for the newsletter, every month you’ll get a peek at what’s new and a code for some free items when you place a minimum order).  They are…weird.

I don’t know that I grasped the ‘watermelon’ part immediately.  It may not have been until I opened them and noticed the pink hue, then I got curious and finally made the connection with the watermelon design on the bag.

In general these taste like most any packaged, crispy crunchy small chocolate chip cookies (Ahoy!), but there is definitely more than a hint of watermelon here.  They’re heartily infused with watermelon flavor – like a watermelon candy flavor.  A lot like the watermelon candy flavoring I’ve bought in the past or Jolly Rancher…in particular, the memory they tickle for me involves the watermelon Jolly Rancher penny candy stix my brother and I used to buy when camping when the wrappers looked like those shown here: link.  Cherry, Pink Lemonade, Watermelon, etc.  But I digress.  Anyway, the background watermelon flavor is really weird and lingered a long LONG time.  After probably an hour I had to eat a handful of tic-tacs to dispel it.  Not recommended.