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Things I didn’t write about

In cleaning out my phone’s photos, it turns out there were a number of things I didn’t get around to reviewing for one reason or another.  Let’s wrap them up here, for good or ill.Let’s start with the good, the really good.  Let’s talk pizza.  I finally got around to trying an offering from Anna’s Woodfired Pizza in Galleria 7 Market in Latham.  We went on a weeknight and it was hopping in there, super excited to see the place doing that well, both Anna’s and the Market in general.  Fortunately these pizzas cook in almost no time (they say 3 minutes), so while I had a little wait while they churned out probably a dozen pies ahead of me, it wasn’t too bad.  Of course I went with the Lidia: Mozzarella, tomato sauce, house made sweet sausage, mushrooms and extra virgin olive oil.

I wish I’d written this closer to when I had it, but I recall it being pretty good and would definitely get a pie from them again.  If memory serves, the sausage really was a star and the dough tasted as though it had been allowed to rest and develop flavor, which I really look for in my pizza.  The crust had a nice char on it, just the slightest teeniest tiniest bit beyond in a few places.  It was a decent size and made two good meals.

Then there were these Minion-Despicable Me 3 themed Fudge Stripes cookies, Yellow Bell-Os Vanilla Cupcake Flavor.  It was half and half the flavor and the Minions that sold me.

Packaging and Minion overalls obviously get two big thumbs up.

The cookies were OK.  The waxy blue coating was typical of every waxy colored coating that all the manufacturers seem enamored with nowadays.  The cookies come as close to vanilla cupcake as any junk food is likely to get.  Decent sweet vanilla flavor.  Not amazing, but easy enough to finish the bag.

I got these Mayonnaise Cheese Pringles from napaJapan.  They sounded weird enough that I thought they would have to be great or terrible.  But they were just sort of m’eh.  I didn’t get around to reviewing them because I couldn’t figure out what they tasted like.  It was sort of familiar, while not being mayonnaise or cheese.  It was a short can and I ate them, but they generally left me cold and confused.

Speaking of chips…these were limited time from Hannaford – Hot Italian Sausage chips.

I put up the ingredients so you can see there’s no meat there…smoke, paprika, etc…but somewhere in the “natural and artificial flavor” they got fennel in there, and that makes the chips.  Otherwise they’d have just been plain spicy barbecue type chips.  These really nailed hot italian sausage.  The only reason I never got another bag or 6 is because these were actually a little too spicy for me.  I’m not anti-heat, but it doesn’t usually do much for me and these were just a touch too warm for me, I wanted more emphasis on italian sausage, less on hot.  But still, they were good.

That’s it.  Some good pizza, some stuff you can’t even buy anymore, etc.  As soon as I find time I’ve got a few real reviews to write – a new-to-us Chinese restaurant and some travel – a Mediterranean restaurant in western Mass. and some more eats from Universal Studios Orlando after another quick trip there.