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Fe Fi Fo…m’eh at BurgerFi

Another Friday sort of off from work and another burger check mark to add.  This time it was BurgerFi that I finally decided to get out of the way…sounds like I had high hopes, doesn’t it?  I’ve had BurgerFi once before, in Florida, and was underwhelmed.  After a few reviews when they first opened in Latham, things have been quiet with BurgerFi.  I have never, in person, heard a single person mention BurgerFi.

I went for lunch, as with Elevation Burger, again after the lunch rush.  It was quiet, just a few other diners.  Food came out REALLY fast.  I got my drink (again, Coke Freestyle machine) and some ketchup and salt, got connected to the quality free wifi, and it was ready.

Yes, that’s just a regular fries, not large or family sized.  The skin-on fries were fairly large, in the Five Guys vein, and nicely browned…but undercooked.  Oh, they were hot alright.  but they weren’t even in the neighborhood of crispy.  Not soggy, just soft.  They were reasonably tasteless as well, despite my extra shaking of salt over them.  I ate maybe half at most.

The burger, a straight up 2-patty cheeseburger, had the lettuce subtracted and pickles added to go with the tomato and BurgerFi sauce (looks Bic Mac sauce-ish, but had little flavor).  They do use American cheese – look at that great melt.  It helped hold the ingredients together in the stamped bun.

Overall, the BurgerFi burger experience is, again…fine.  Ok.  So-so.

The pickles, I should say, were the stand out.  Really tart and crispy and big enough to really let you know they’re there.  They were my favorite part.

The burgers themselves were so salty. Really salty.  I ended up dumping a bunch of ketchup on my burger to make it more palatable.  Maybe I exaggerate.  It wasn’t like my mouth puckered up or I waned to spit it out, but from a baseline of ‘properly salted’, these were over the top.  Put it this way – when you bite into a burger do you want to taste seasoned beef?  Or salt?  Salt was the predominant taste.

So this is another place that I can’t see myself returning to.  For almost $15 I had a meal that I didn’t finish and was only vaguely satisfied with it.  That’s not enough to get my wallet out of my pocket, BurgerFi.

I guess I’ve done enough to start my burger chain list, from best to worst:

  1. Five Guys
  2. Burger21
  3. smashburger
  4. Elevation Burger
  5. BurgerFi

To be clear, if I was with someone that really wanted to go to one of these places, I would probably not balk at any of them.  At BurgerFi I would opt for a single patty though, to cut back on the salty beef and up the ratio of relatively tasty toppings to it.

There are a few places I want to add to my burger shop list for comparison…

  • Juicy Burgers and More
  • Crave
  • Slidin’ Dirty (not sure if they should be included)
  • Build-a-Burger