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New Boston Market items

Maybe you’ve seen the ads for new oven baked crispy chicken strips at Boston Market.  I gave them a try along with another new item.Boston Market describes them as Oven-Crisp Chicken Strips.  Honestly, they looked quite a bit like the pictures on their website.  The individual meal (with two sides and cornbread) appears to come with 4 strips, but I was asked if I wanted 4 or 6 (unless you’re a serious eater, go with 4, I was overly stuffed eating 4 with my sides, they’re pretty big).

I guess these are limited time, based on the description:

Crunch into the crispy golden crust of our new hand-breaded, all-white, all-breast meat, baked—not fried—Oven-Crisp Chicken Strips while you still can.

They were crunchy, thanks to a thick crust, but it’s a heavy crunch, if you know what I mean.  Not crisp.  Dense.  Maybe they’re not popular and hence sit, but these were also sort of dry. I guess if you have someone that doesn’t want any of the other options they might be OK, but I was very unimpressed.  You can make better at home with little effort.

There were also Rotisserie Potatoes, which had a ‘New!’ tag on them.

Lightly tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper then basted in savory chicken juices.

Again, you can do better at home.  These are just lightly-flavored wedges that fail almost completely, but could easily be a lot better.  They’re not boiled first, so they’re not fluffy inside.  Then they’re baked/roasted, but not thoroughly.  So what you end up with is something too firm inside and yet too soft and floppy at the finish.  They didn’t taste like they’d been cooked under a roasting chicken like I was led to believe by the in-store advertising.  They had very little flavor.  Still, they could be made passable with one relatively easy step – give them a minute under a broiler/salamander and crisp them up.  The mushy, floppy texture just isn’t a winner.

We don’t go to Boston Market often.  When we do there are a lot of better choices than either of these.