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Fresh Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s

Perhaps against my better judgement, I ordered the new limited time sandwich from Wendy’s, the Fresh Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich.  I should have listened to myself.

To be fair, I didn’t hate the sandwich, but I didn’t care for it much and wouldn’t dream of getting another.

Appearance-wise, it was fine.  Good even.  The spring mix greens were typically good.  The thick slices of “fresh” mozzarella were not dissimilar from what you see in the ads.  The chicken breast was plump and perfectly cooked.  The “house made” balsamic diced tomatoes were not total mush and bright.

It just doesn’t work.  Let’s dive deeper.

  • Toasted garlic brioche bun – This was actually delicious.  Fresh and warm and soft.  One of the better buns I’ve had from Wendy’s actually.  In retrospect I don’t recall finding it garlicky at the time, but yeah, I can see it.
  • Spring mix – Whatever.  Fine.
  • Balsamic tomatoes – No discernible balsamic bite.  Slippery little flavorless bits.
  • Creamy basil pesto – I saw it there, but I didn’t taste much of anything.
  • Sliced fresh mozzarella – Not fresh.  Sorry.  Not even close.  The most generic low end bulk mozzarella you can imagine.  I guess I shouldn’t have expected more.  It wasn’t tasteless and the texture was actually OK, but it just sort of sat there quietly, trying not to intrude on your tongue.
  • Chicken – Here we go.  Freshly grilled, herb marinated chicken.  And it all falls apart.  I generally like the chicken at Wendy’s, but this was just not good.  Like really not good.  Yeah, it tasted herb marinated.  But it was so unnaturally firm, while still oozing with moisture, that it just screamed, “Hi! I’ve been wet-brined to the point that I can’t hold another drop of water!!”  It tasted so industrial that school lunches probably make fun of it.  Not good.  And with not good chicken, this sandwich falls apart.

So, sorry, Wendy’s.  You’re still my favorite of the local options, but this is a huge fail, especially at a premium price point.  The bun was the only part I loved.  And I don’t even normally lust after your buns.