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Mac and cheese in Latham! I-Dog visit

(Stopped by Galleria 7 Market on 9/30 and I-Dog is CLOSED, so now Innova has launched and closed two stands in the Market.  I can’t believe a mac’n’cheese place can’t succeed here, but prices need to be more reasonable.)

Well, still no Mix N Mac here, but we do now have the I-Dog Macaroni Company (from Innovo Kitchen) at Galleria 7 Market.  Innovo has placed this into the spot they had before with pasta dishes in the Market.  There does seem to be turnover in a few of the spots here with seemingly 2 or 3 empty stalls on a recent weeknight.

However, for a spot that seems targeted to a lunch crowd, there were really quite a few people here on a Tuesday (!) night.I decided not to get a hot dog because, well, I really couldn’t quite figure out the menu for them.  Kind of dumb I guess.  But just macaroni and cheese was fine.  My wife got the basic 5-cheese mac and cheese.  She decided against the bread crumbs, but thought later she should have.  They seem to use housemade bread crumbs, which is a nice touch, by the way.  They add a nice bit of texture to mac and cheese.

Reportedly nice enough and enough for two meals, but she thought it needed more pasta for the amount of cheese.  And she thought at $10 it was overpriced.  I can see that.

I got the Build Your Own for $12, which comes with 2 toppings/mix ins.  I got roasted red peppers and sausage.  Also good for a solid two meals.  You can see the breadcrumbs on mine.

The red peppers were lost.  But the sausage was FANTASTIC.  This is like the strongly seasoned sausage you’d get on a high-quality italian restaurant pizza or in a pasta dish at a good restaurant.  Reminded me of the sausage in Scotti’s on Union’s lasagna. The pasta was cooked just right and the cheese seemed right on mine.  The only thing I would prefer is if they could pop these under a salamander or similar to bake up the top and give it a nice crispy top like you get at Mix N Mac.  Again, add some texture.  But it would add prep time that they may be trying to avoid.

I’d try this again and would probably try a hot dog.  They seem pretty reasonably priced and the online menu makes more sense.

Galleria 7 Market is sort of tucked away, but there are some really good choices here, and we haven’t even tried the pizza or burgers.  If you’re looking for something a little different and maybe you can’t all decide on what you want, pop in.  And this deep bowl of comfort isn’t a bad choice.