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Have a sweet sundae with Mike and Ike?

You’ve probably been seeing these (presumably) summer edition Mike and Ike Sundae Sweets on social media.  Should you try them?  I did.

I’ll be frank, the only reason I got them is for the Crushed Pineapple.  The other flavors were expected to be predictable.  But pineapple candy is almost always at least worth investigating.  When they popped up in front of my face at Hannaford in the seasonal aisle I shrugged and picked one up.  I really like Mike and Ikes and there haven’t been many limited edition snacks lately that I have any interest in, so it seemed like a reasonable choice.

You might need to click to zoom in a bit on this picture to see the flavors more closely.  Or just keep reading.  Don’t forget to admire the box.  Very different arrangements on the opposing sides and the box is just really appealing.

Let’s start at the top, as you would with a sundae, and head around clockwise.

Cherry On Top – I expected this to be the same cherry found in the vanilla/cherry/blueberry summer flavor from last year.  Given that I just polished off a tub of them (Target had tubs of the individual flavors on clearance late last year and I got one of blueberry and one of cherry), I really want to say they’re not.  They taste lighter than the nice tart cherry in that mix.  More like a maraschino cherry as you would actually get on a sundae.  This was a nice surprise and I like them.  I’m pretty sure they’re not the same cherry.

Vanilla Ice Cream – This is vanilla.  Shall we just move on?  I get nothing ice cream from them.

Caramel Drizzle – I’m not a caramel fan, although not a hater, either.  These are fine, I’ll eat the few in the box.  They’re a typical caramel candy flavor, not too sweet.  Fine.

Banana Split – Not sure what they’re thinking with this name.  The others are all parts of a sundae.  Bananas are part of a banana split sundae.  Whatever.  They’re fine, they’re banana.  I like banana candy for the most part.  These have the nicer natural banana flavor than the too-sweet artificial banana that’s out there, which is good.  Why not just call them Sliced Banana?

Chocolate Fudge – These are nice.  Dense and chocolatey.  I wouldn’t want a box of these, but mixed in with the fruity flavors I think they’ll work well as I finish the box.

Crushed Pineapple – Last, but not least.  But almost least.  These are super mild.  I think they intentionally stayed away from tart/sour with this mix, which I appreciate, but pineapple suffers for it.  Acidic pineapple needs a bit of punch to feel fresh and realistic, this is a light ‘pineapple flavored’ chew with only a little of that fresh pineapple taste.  I wanted them punchier.  We’ll see how the box goes, but I’m afraid they’re going to get lost.  Even the vanilla is more in-your-face than these.  I may be spoiling myself by mainly eating Japanese candy, though.

Hard to say if I’ll get another box, they’ll have to grow on me, but it’s possible.  They’re certainly worth the pick up of a box to try given the mix of fruity and chocolate/vanilla/caramel.