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Doritos Royal Beef & Pepper from Japan

Quick review of these interesting-sounding Doritos I picked up from napajapan.  These are Royal Beef & Pepper Doritos.  Based on the bag they clearly seem to be going for grilled beef with black pepper cracked over it.“Bigger Bolder Thicker”?  Yup.  For some reason I didn’t take a picture of the actual chips, but they look like Doritos, not as cheesy looking at the one on the bag, not very cheesy looking at all, really.  Which makes sense, these are not cheesy.  They’re thicker than American Doritos, but I wouldn’t say they’re much bigger triangles.

They are thick and quite crunchy, firm to bite through, no lightness of typical American Doritos.  As noted, not cheesy at all.

Opening the bag, there’s not much of an aroma at all…maybe that’s my allergies speaking, but I don’t think so, they just don’t smell like much.  The flavor is quite sweet and fairly smokey.  The smoke flavor gives a hint of grilled beef they seem to be going for, but they’re really not meaty/beefy.  The sweetness isn’t accompanied by a barbecue flavor, so it’s not like a sweet barbecue sauce, they’re just sweet, which doesn’t make a lot of sense.

On the back end as you chew and swallow you finally get the pepper, typical black pepper overall.  It’s nice, not a harsh black pepper.  There is some heat that builds as you work through the bag, but I wouldn’t call them hot.

Finally, these left a lingering aftertaste for an hour or so that I tried and tried to place, unsuccessfully.  Not helpful.  Sorry.

Overall, these were decent enough as a novelty, but I don’t think I’d grab them off the shelf over other Doritos flavors.