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How can you not love Japanese candies?

I’ve been buying some Japanese candies online from napaJapan for a while now.  What I like about the Japanese varieties are the excellent, accurate flavors, the variety of flavors not generally seen elsewhere, and the packaging.

I almost never know what’s going on with the packaging, but I still love it.  This Puccho Cola flavor Ball Candy package was so excessive and neat that I had to post it.  Check out the outer packaging at the napaJapan link.  The three-sided package also has a three-step process for extracting the sour, cola flavored treats.  There is a handy visual guide to these three steps on the outer package and not-so-handy Japanese instructions.  Ok, to be honest, I was temporarily baffled by step 2.  Check it out.

022617-1So from the first picture on the site, I’ve done step one in this blurry photo and peeled off the strip that joins the outer package from the inner package:

022617-2Look at it! Go to the store and look at the lame packaging we normally see and LOOK AT IT!  I don’t understand ANY OF IT, but I still love it.  And that’s just one side.  Here’s the second:

022617-3Why is there an Elvis candy there?! I don’t care!

Anyway, this is where I got stuck, step two.  I guess if I could read Japanese it would be easy.  When the strip was peeled away in the earlier photo you could then see instruction #2 here.  And I had no idea what do to.  In retrospect it was pretty easy.  It’s telling me to push this, the inner package, to the left out of the outer package.  But, yeah, I was stumped for a minute.  Shall we see the final step and side?

022617-4There’s our #3.  The perforations made this a little easier to understand, you push in at the circle…not too much, though.  And your reward?

022617-5A tasty, cola flavored hard candy with a mildly sour outer layer.  And look at the brilliance of that package.  You don’t push in the circle all the way, just enough, and you’re left with this sort of ramp that helps guide each ball out for you.  No, it doesn’t go easily in a pocket, but this is just wonderful.  The packaging is as much fun as the candy.