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Worth getting Hooked?

On a slow, indecisive weeknight we decided to pop into Galleria 7 for dinner for probably the 2nd time.  We both had the fish and chips from Hooked Seafood, which offers a variety of fresh seafood, fish tacos, and the ability to create your own dish on a corn tortilla, greens, or a roll.  For $11 the fresh fish and chips seemed like it was worth trying.hooked1

All in all it was a solid effort that needs some refinement.  Fish and chips should be a slam dunk for Hooked, an absolute bread and butter dish.  It’s close, but not there.  The large portion of fish itself was decently cooked and very tasty, but too oily.  The fries were a little underdone and also pretty oily.  Dollars to doughnuts the oil wasn’t hot enough.  It took what seemed like a pretty long time to get our order given how slow it was (it got busier while we waited), which makes me think they didn’t have the oil hot and then, since it was already taking a long time, didn’t get it hot enough before they started frying.  I’d rather have waited a couple more minutes.hooked2

The housemade tartar sauce was good with a strong lemon flavor, which worked well with the fish.  The fries are really what made this a so-so meal for me.  Apart from the oil, the fish was the star here but it is fish and chips.  You can see how seasoned the fries look, but honestly there was zero flavor.  Zippo.  Disappointing.  Coupled with not being crispy enough and a bit oily, they weren’t really worth eating and for many of them, I didn’t.

Overall, I’d try it again.  Especially if it was a little busier and the fryer was hot.  And I’d get some salt for my fries.  I might also try something like the belly clams or seared scallops on a roll.  Several other places still to try here and it’s close enough to be a reasonable stop so we’ll probably get around to them.  Plenty of seating and decent free wifi, too.