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4 stamps in your Lay’s Passport to Flavor

There may be a new Oreo flavor every month, but Lay’s is trying to keep up by releasing new flavors in bunches (when they’re not releasing old flavors and calling them ‘new’).  Newly out are four globe trotting flavors called Lay’s Passport to Flavor.  Walmart in Clifton Park is fully stocked up with both full sized bags of every flavor:072516-01and also the variety mix of small bags (a much better choice if you’re not sure, but want to taste them…of course you have to buy a bunch of bags of barbecue, sour cream & onion, and plain with them, but still a decent deal, these bags are a good size to accompany a sandwich or something):072516-02I got the mix and tried them all, so let’s get to it.First up is the Indian Tikka Masala that I had with my Dibella’s sub for lunch (just because they came out of the bag first):072516-03This variety came in Lay’s Kettle Cooked form.072516-05Overall I’m not overly impressed with their kettle chips.  They’re certainly crunchier than their normal style, but they don’t have the super crunchy satisfaction of a Cape Cod chip.072516-04On opening, there is a distinct aroma of generic ‘Indian food’ spices. Despite the claims, I got little tomato flavor in these, but the spice palette (wow, how cliche can I go here?) is totally a reasonable tikka masala, or at least a fair, generic facsimile.  They’re not really spicy, but that sorta smoky flavor a lot of Indian dishes have (the cumin, if I had to guess).  By the end of the little bag there was a bit of the gentlest of burns.  I have no clue what ‘khushee’ is, even after trying a web search.

I’ll happily eat the other mini bag, but will not buy more.

And we’re off to Brazil!072516-09I saw these on Twitter at the same time Pokemon was spiking and could’ve sworn these were Pikachu flavor.  Anyway…072516-08These Brazilian Picanha chips are Lay’s plain style:072516-12Lots of green on these.  These were my least favorite.  The flavor is very light.  Non-meaty as nearly as I can tell.  Mostly they tasted herb-y to me.  I guess that’s the chimichurri?  Not sour cream & onion, despite appearances, no creaminess, no strong flavor.  I’ll eat the mini bags, but certainly won’t buy more.  I’m not sure who these appeal to.  Just ‘weak’ sums it up for me.

Now over to China for Chinese Szechuan Chicken chips:072516-10These were the ones I had the 2nd most interest in:072516-11I’m beyond baffled why the flavor is “Szechuan Chicken”, but then they use “sichuan” in the description.  This is the 2nd flavor of normal chips:072516-13Nothing too fancy here.  Many crushed chips.  They call it right from the start, these are spicy pepper and that’s about it.  From the first chip there was a decent tingle on the tip of my tongue.  After eating a couple, a really respectable burn had built up.  No, we’re not talking ‘spicy chip’ or habanero anything, they’re not going for that.  But for a chip that’s supposed to be a bit spicy, these are on point.  No chicken flavor that I could detect, just warming, spicy.  I’ll say this, it does seem to be a different sort of spiciness than I recall tasting in a chip, not that I’d go so far as to say it tastes like Chinese takeout.  Maybe the far more experienced tongues at Chip Review will find them comparable to something else, but I thought they were a nice change.  I liked these, but am unlikely to buy more.

Which brings our journey to an end in Greece (a little on the nose for potato chips, I know):072516-06I was most excited for these because I love Tzatziki and thought their wavy style would be a perfect match to make it more like you’re dipping the chips:072516-07Nothing fancy here…they’re just claiming straight up tzatziki flavor.072516-14And they NAILED it.  I love these.  Best for last, indeed.  I WILL be buying more of these.  Really creamy, but I wouldn’t swear it’s that different than a sour cream creaminess.  It passes for yogurt, though.  The rest of the flavor, strong and true, is garlicky and herb-y with dill notes.  The one thing I didn’t get was cucumber.  Not much need to try to describe these more, they’re like chips dipped in tzatziki, without the dip.  Very tasty and the thick wavy style means they held up well in the bag.

So there you go, home again and full of greasy potato goodness.  Overall I’m glad I got the mini bags to try these because the first three would have been challenging to eat a whole large bag, I just wasn’t too thrilled with them.  Although, happily, none of these were actively bad tasting to me.


2 thoughts on “4 stamps in your Lay’s Passport to Flavor

  1. I’ve got a big bag of the Szechuan Chicken waiting for me – my grocery store had all of them but the Tzatziki flavor, which is also the one I’m most excited for! I’ve heard they’re at a lot of Walgreens in the ‘grab bag’ size. I’ll have to check there soon. 🙂 Good reviews! Wish I could find the multi-pack, but San Francisco never seems to get that kind of ‘bulk’ purchase as most people who live here don’t have kids. D’oh.

    • Good luck finding the tzatziki, it’s really good. This is the first time I’ve actually found the mix bag, which is great because the other 3 really didn’t do much for me.

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