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Perry’s Gingerbread Cookie ice cream

I love gingerbread cookies.  Gingersnaps.  Gingerbread.  I was pumped to try this premium Gingerbread Cookie ice cream from Perry’s.

011615-5It’s not good.  Like, really not good.  I got through one serving, tried a second, then threw the rest out.  Very painful given how excited I was and having to track it down at the Niskayuna Coop.

The infrequent chunks of gingerbread cookies were decent (you can see one I’ve circled in red below).  Slightly chewy, nice little pop of ginger.  I like these.  The white icing swirl was FANTASTIC.  Easily the best part.  I think it was the fact that there was a lot of swirl in my first serving that helped it go down, because it made everything better.

011615-4But the base was bad.  Yeah, it was kind of gingery.  But it was sort of hard to figure out what really it tasted like.  It had this weird tangy flavor.  As noted, the sweet icing cut it and made it OK, but by itself, it was simply inedible for me.