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Niskayuna smashburger

Finally tried out the new smashburger location in Niskayuna in the Shop Rite Plaza near the intersection of Balltown and Nott.  Let me get this out there first…the food was good.010816-1It’s a nice location, clean and new.  So great to see something in the corner of the plaza there.  Happily the vast oversalting problem we’ve noted at the Wolf Road location wasn’t on display here.  Either they’ve corrected it overall, or things are just running better here at the newer location.

010816-2I tried the buffalo and blue cheese grilled chicken burger.  Despite the lame winter tomatoes (not much they can do about this) it was pretty good.  Not overly exciting, just a grilled, seasoned, flattened breast splashed with some hot sauce and some blue cheese crumbles.  Nice, soft egg bun.  Not sure I’d get it again, some of the other options are better.

Overall, if they can keep up the quality, this is seeming like a nice addition to this particular area.  However, they’ve got these cards on all the tables saying you should go to ordersmash.com to order online.  This address doesn’t work.  Kinda ridiculous.