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Ring in the new year with Valentine’s Day m&m’s

Did a quick bit of grocerysploring today, checking out Christmas clearance and seeing what’s out there for new post-Christmas items.  As you’ve no doubt noticed, Valentine’s Day is in full swing all over the place.Hannaford’s Christmas clearance is so-so at 50% off.  Best item: the giant Reese’s cup 2-pack for just $6.99.

Target’s selection is still decent as they’re only at 30% off.  But they were stocking Valentine’s Day items, so I’m sure they want to start clearing stuff out.  Picked up a bag of Cherry m&m’s.  These don’t seem to be new, but I don’t think I tried them before.  They’re OK, lightly cherry-flavored.  Easy enough to eat, but nothing spectacular.  They didn’t have the new white chocolate Strawberry Shortcake flavor.

Lastly was Walmart, they were pretty wiped out at 75% off.  Also the most developed Valentine’s Day display, including the Strawberry m&m’s.123115-9These do seem to be new per The Impulsive Buy.  Tearing open the bag, there is a super strong strawberry candy aroma.  And they are pretty awesome.  Really powerful strawberry flavor that goes very well with the milk chocolate.  I’ll be buying more of these.

Happy New Year.


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