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Stewart’s Premium Milk Chocolate with Eggnog candy bar

I can’t say I was ready to rush out and buy this new seasonal candy bar from Stewart’s when I first heard about them.  But I do buy a carton of eggnog each year to sip during Christmas baking, so I guess it was inevitable that I was going to give one a shot given the chance.  Popping in for some milk recently was that chance.


Premium Milk Chocolate with Eggnog. I prefer dark chocolate, by a lot, but eggnog filling probably is a better match with a quality, creamy milk chocolate.


That’s basically what Stewart’s has given us here.  It’s a tasty enough milk chocolate.  The bar is divided into two rows of smaller pieces, each filled with a thin, nougat-type filling.  A bit stretchy, not quite flowing/leaky thin, but not chewy.  And I’m pleasantly surprised to say that this has a really decent eggnog flavor.  The first bite will likely bring a queer look to your face.  Honestly, each time I eat a square, my first reaction is ‘huh? What am I eating?’  After a second, the cinnamon flavor sets in and my tongue identifies that creamy, distinctive eggnog flavor.  For a candy bar filling, I’d say it’s a really good representation.  And, as mentioned, you really get a good amount of cinnamon flavor.


I can definitely recommend this bar.  Although if you don’t like eggnog, it may not be for you.