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Wendy’s Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger Rolled Out Locally

It’s almost Thanksgiving, so basically I’m just too lazy to check if it was Grubgrade or the Nosh Show (or somewhere else) where I first heard about the Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger coming from Wendy’s…rolling out to a broader market after testing.  Anyway, looks like Ryan beat me to the publishing punch, he got his review up this afternoon while I was still digesting my GBC (let’s call it that, ‘k?) picked up at the Latham Wendy’s on Route 7. Like Ryan, the sandwich was well over $5 here.  Do I agree with his review?  Well, kinda sorta.  For a description of the burger, since I don’t see it on Wendy’s website, check out Ryan’s.  Again…lazy.

112515-1There is a LOT of stuff on the GBC.

I had to pull off some of the spring mix, I don’t need a bunch of stems on my burger.  Yes, my gouda was unmelted.  Yes, it was tasty, but hard to discern in most bites.  Was there sauce everywhere?  You tell me.

112515-2Also, too much red onion (I don’t like red onion).

Unlike Ryan, I think Wendy’s bacon is useless.  Maybe the bacon in Maryland is better?  Despite the quantity, I only tasted the bacon in one or two bites.  I find this typical.

Unlike Ryan, I actually enjoyed this brioche bun, probably the first time I didn’t hate a fast food brioche bun.  It wasn’t dry.  Again, first time for everything.  I still think a plain sesame seed squishy bun would be fine/preferable.

Overall I thought it was pretty good.  I went in actually to get a BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad, but was drawn in by the huge display for this burger.  The Swiss Gruyere Cheese Sauce almost put me off it, because I simply don’t like Swiss cheese and similar, but I’m glad I went for it.  I thought the sauce was really good, if perhaps a bit overly plentiful.  It gave the GBC a rich flavor and didn’t have that characteristic dry Swiss cheesiness.  And it was thick enough to stay on the burger, unlike that whatever-it-was on the pretzel burger that just puddled in the cardboard container.  I honestly can’t say I made much note of the garlic aioli.  Maybe some garlic in the flavor.

I find it tasty and filling as a single, although you can go double or triple if you want.  Albeit I’m starting from a standpoint of already liking Wendy’s burgers (at least compared to BK and McD’s).  It’s basically a little too expensive for me given the number of ingredients I wasn’t thrilled with…the spring mix, the brioche bun, the unsatisfying bacon, the red onion.  Put the gouda (I like gouda a lot) and cheese sauce on a junior burger with a slice of tomato, slash the price, and sign me up.

(I did get another of these at the Wendy’s in Mansion Square and it was quite a bit better.  Still too stem-y, but they were more judicious with the sauce and it made a huge difference.  Still plenty, but not running everywhere.  Again, with a small fries, I found this really filling.)