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Minions Bob Banana 3D Character Pops

Weirdly we never saw these before Halloween, but looking through clearance (currently 30% off) candy at the Clifton Park Target I found these Banana flavored Bob the Minion Pops.  Of course I had to get them, although I didn’t expect much.


Individually wrapped was good, meaning they could be given away to co-workers with kids that like the minions almost as much as we do.  And Bob’s pretty cool…he’s no Stuart, but he’s got a heart of gold.

Bananas are sort of gold, right?


KING BOB!  Let’s tear one open.


Well, yeah, 3D.  I see some legs, goggles, arms..maybe overalls?


There’s a better shot.  They’re pretty cute.  The grip is pretty small, but probably fine for kids little fingers instead of minion-obsessed adults.

Flavor almost has to be second to the form on these, but they don’t taste bad at all if you like artificial candy banana flavor.  And not the bad one, but the pretty good candy banana flavor if you like that sort of thing (I do).

No clue if you have any chance of finding these, but they’re pretty neat.