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Hot Chocolate m&m’s finally showed up

It wasn’t easy, but I did track down the Hot Chocolate m&m’s at the Glenville Walmart.  Both local Walmarts are doing a sloooooooow transition to Christmas (which is fine with the me-me, but annoys the food-blogger-gimme-new-Christmas-stuff-me).  Target’s are worse, they’ve basically got nothing going on on the food front, yet.

Anyway, here they are.



yes, the back.

Honestly the only reason I even wanted these is because of the “made with dark chocolate” tag.  Most of the new m&m’s have been pretty roundly criticized, but the dark drew me in, plus the fact that it seemed like hot chocolate is a pretty straightforward flavor they should be able to nail.  My biggest question was if they would taste like anything except dark chocolate m&m’s.  Oddly, the first ingredient is milk chocolate with dark chocolate clocking in at #2.

You can guess what’s coming…yes, a shot of the m&m’s!


Huzzah!  OK, pretty cool.  They come in three colors, dark brown, white, and yellowy.  So brown for the hot chocolate…white for the marshmallows…and yellowish for…?


You got me.  Anybody got any ideas?  Maybe the milk.  Let’s go with that.  As you might be able to tell, these are the ‘larger’ (but not XXL) m&m’s.  Plus they’re oddly non-uniform in shape and size.  Or maybe some, like the top one there, are just deformed.  But some are definitely smaller.

At this point you probably want to know what they taste like.  Coconut.

No, really.  It took me a bit to place it, but at first I thought they tasted like coconut.  No clue why.  Nothing to indicate that in the ingredients.  But here’s the big surprise:


Check that out.  They appear to be milk chocolate enveloped by dark chocolate hugged by a candy shell.  I thought letting them dissolve away might be more interesting than crunching, but it was sort of boring.  You do get some weird flavor with the crunch, though.  After eating a few I sort of get the ‘hot chocolate’, I will admit.  And I don’t think it’s just ‘convincing myself because that’s how it’s supposed to taste’, either, because, like I said, at first it didn’t taste at all recognizable.  It’s a decently deep, cocoa-y type of flavor and I can only assume the layer of weird flavor I’m getting is supposed to be…marshmallow?  (update: as I ate more of these, I definitely feel like the flavor I’m getting is an artificial marshmallowy sort of flavor.  So much so that it is the dominant flavor, which makes no sense as the few marshmallows scattered on the top of a cup of hot chocolate hardly dominate the taste…very curious to see what other people have to say about this because they are seriously messing with my tastebuds)

So, they’re OK.  Not amazing.  Would I have bought 2 bags if I’d tried them first?  Probably not.  Will I buy more?  Almost certainly no.  But I think 2 bags will be easy enough to get through before hot chocolate season is over.