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Melt: a worthy stop in White Plains

I needed to find a place to grab some dinner recently near White Plains and, as I have come to rely on more and more, let the Trip Advisor app guide me.  The highly rated, and happily open for dinner, Melt Sandwich Shop sounded perfect.092915-3

Quite unobtrusively tucked away amongst these other shops on Mamaroneck, it seems like a good location for lunch if you’re already in the area.  I’ve actually never been to White Plains, NY before, so I didn’t know what a nightmare parking in White Plains seems to be.  I ended up several blocks away in a residential area and walked, trusting to the Anchor Pointer app to get me back to my car.

As described on their website, their ordering process is simple, but elegant:

Melt Sandwiches are made by choosing your roll, and then pairing any one of our daily smokes and roasts (or grilled sandwiches) with our famous combinations. The ingredients are fresh… the possibilities endless! Is your mouth watering yet? Do you want it now?

Yeah, it’s lunchtime and I do, actually.  Check out the menu.  There were a bunch of things I could’ve happily tried, but I chose something I was pretty sure to like while also being non-ordinary enough to get something out of the experience.


Not a great picture, I was too eager to dig in.  I went with a “short” and a salad.  I think I got a wheat roll based on the photo, I don’t exactly remember.  The pastrami, brisket, and jerked chicken were calling me, but for my perhaps one shot at Melt, I went with the pulled pork (I was kinda craving Memphis King BBQ, to be honest) and went with the BBQ combo, which added “gorgonzola, tomatoes, bacon, kansas city bbq sauce”.  I also asked for some pickles on there, as you can see, which was a great idea.  BBQ really should usually come with pickles, they really set off a sandwich like this…just ask a McRib.  It was, simply, fantastic.  These guys are doing it right.  I’m just not completely into pulled pork, especially when it’s torn into threads, but when left in chunks and just ‘pulled’ enough, (hi, again, Memphis King!) with a decent BBQ sauce, I can really appreciate that and that’s just how Melt does it.  They’re not kidding about quality ingredients.


The place is tiny, a little place to order and pay to the right side of the picture, menu’s on the board behind them, and a few tables where I’m sitting taking this photo while waiting for my sandwich.


I figure takeout is a big part of what surely must be busy lunch rushes.  The guys working the counter were super nice and efficient.  Everything was bagged up neatly.


This was the half salad I got to go with my sandwich, their take on a wedge: “iceberg lettuce, smoked bacon, crumbled bleu cheese, bleu cheese dressing”.  Happily they were out of iceberg, so they asked if romaine was OK, which was actually perfect.  For $4, this half salad was pretty big and awesome.  Fatty and flavorful, all the creamy blue cheese was a nice counterpoint to my pulled pork sandwich.

I know it’s just one sandwich and one salad, but this place seems to warrant all the positive reviews.  If you’re nearby looking for a bite, I think you’re in good hands at Melt.