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Back to Market Bistro

Credit where credit is due time.  We gave Price Chopper’s Market Bistro another shot for dinner and our experience was quite different from last time.  Unlike our baffling ordeal (with tasty food), this time our tasty food came with a helping of smooth operations.

The booths seemed to be properly staffed and food was coming out in a timely fashion.  Additionally, we ordered and paid at the (same!) counter without incident.  They even scanned my Advantage Card.

Eating notes:

  • Onion rings still quite good
  • Good burger toppings still
  • Would like to see a sturdier bun given the thick burgers (ham- and turkey- this time) and plentiful toppings.  Both of our buns were crumbling and failing by the halfway point.  Not bad tasting, just not soft enough to hold up.