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A few brief reviews of recent finds

I found a few items of interest during some recent grocerysploring (look for an upcoming grocerytourism report to a famous location…ooooh teaser!).  None really warrant anything too detailed, so here are some quick hit reviews.


The first three are from Walmart.

Minions Banana Berry Flavor cereal: I saw these a while back and, while I had a chuckle at the box and concept (there are supposed to be minions printed on each piece of cereal, but most are unrecognizable), I had no desire to buy them.  Then I read cerealously’s review (9/10) and knew that I would soon succumb…minions, tasty, berry.  In the cart.  They’re OK.  Light banana and berry flavor.  Not much fun factor beyond the box because, again, you can’t really see any minions printed on the Cinnamon Toast Crunch-looking cereal pieces.  It’s fine.  I’ll finish the box.  But when the fresh blueberries on top are the real star, these aren’t anything special.

Brownie Batter Flavor Creme Oreos: I’m so sick of being burned by lackluster limited edition Oreos.  I wasn’t going to bother with these, except the reviews were so ecstatic that I gave in.  And was burned.  They smell fantastic, just like cramming your face into the mixing bowl just before you pour your brownie batter into the pan.  They’re not terrible.  They do pretty much taste like brownie batter between dark chocolatey cookies.  But that’s about it.  Put it this way, I went out of my way to stock up on some of the Lemon Twist (with chocolate cookies) Oreos, I see no need to buy any more of these.

Doritos Dinamita Mojo Criollo: You may have seen these on my ‘seeking’ list over in the sidebar for a while.  The only reason I even knew about or wanted these was because of the Junk Food Guy’s review.  They just sounded fantastic.  Finally found them, one slim row of them on a giant Doritos aisle display at Walmart (I think the Clifton Park one).  I got two bags in case they were great and then couldn’t find them again.  I’m still working on the first bag because I find that I don’t want to eat too many at once, but I like them.  Eric does a good job with his description of the flavor, so I won’t repeat it.  If that sounds good, give them a try if you can find them, because he’s pretty spot on.

Next stop was my first tentative foray into Asian Supermarket on Central.  It was busy, but not crazy, which apparently it can be.  My wife and I were the only ones bemusedly perusing the aisles of confusion.  I just wanted to see what was what in there, check out the candy (so many food blogs rave about amazing Asian candy hiding at import supermarkets), or chips (same deal).  I can’t begin to understand what 1/4 of the items were.  Another 1/4 were pretty standard.  The next 1/4 were things I could figure out but wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole, let alone eat.  Finally, the last 1/4 were things I would consider trying.  I will say that the guy doing something to a freezer case while the stuff from that case just hung out in shopping carts in the warm market aisle wasn’t encouraging, though.

Look what the clueless noob bought:


Yeah, Pocky and two kinds of candy.  No, I didn’t buy a ginormous jackfruit.  Sorry to disappoint you.

Hi-Chew Grape: Hi-Chew is all over the place.  For some reason I can’t recall having grape before, so I grabbed these since grape candy is usually pretty tasty.  These are good.  Pretty typical ‘grape’ flavor you’d get in most western candy.  They weren’t even an Asian package, just standard ‘for westerners Hi-Chew’, but I wanted to try them, anyway.

Kasugai Fruits Mix Gummy Candy:  I got these mostly because of the raves on Candyology 101.  This is the apple, muscat, and grape mix.  They’re fine.  They’re tasty.  They taste like what they’re called.  I guess what it boils down to, if these are top shelf gummies, is that I’m not a big gummy fan.  And that’s OK.

Chocolate Banana Pocky:  Pocky’s not rare anymore, it’s in Target, etc.  But I haven’t seen Chocolate Banana before, so once I decided I was going to buy something, I grabbed a box of these.  These are really good.  The banana cream coating on the chocolate biscuits is quite tasty.  It’s a touch artificial tasting, of course, but not in a really strong ‘fake banana’ way.  The sticks are barely chocolatey, almost indiscernible as chocolate.  But the whole is better than the individual parts.  Crunched together these are a really nice treat, assuming you’re OK with a slightly artificial banana taste.

They did have a few Asian Lays flavors, but they were all ‘spicy crab this’ or ‘spicy that’ and none of them really seemed that interesting.  Weird?  Yes.  But not interesting enough to eat something weird just for the sake of the weirdness.  And I didn’t really notice a lot of imported candy, at least not the kind of thing I was hoping for.  And that’s fine.  Now I know.