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Combos Sweet & Salty Chocolate Fudge – as good as expected

As soon as Marvo mentioned these Combos Sweet & Salty Chocolate Fudge on the Nosh Show, I knew I wanted them.  True, I had been burned by the Vanilla Frosting variety, but my hopes remained high for these.


The moment Twitter started lighting up with sightings, all at 7-Eleven, I starting thinking about how to get some.  As you know if you live here, we don’t have 7-Elevens.  Using their store locator, the ONLY store within 100 miles is in MA, about 50 miles away.  Too far for Combos.  So I did swing by the gas station that had the other Sweet & Salty varieties with no joy.

However, as luck would have it, my wife was on Long Island where there are 7-Elevens.  A text message and a stop at a 7-Eleven later and these were headed to Albany on a train.  And they’re really good.  The chocolate is fudgey and, of course, pairs well with the salty pretzel shell.


Unlike the Vanilla Frosting variety, there’s no weird artificial taste to these.  Any weird artificial flavors are well masked, I guess.  At the same time, they weren’t so radically amazing that I’m going to drive to Adams, MA to try to buy more right away, but I will definitely buy more when they start showing up locally, which I assume will happen since I haven’t seen anything about ‘7-Eleven exclusive’.

Straightforward – if you like the chocolate/pretzel combo…give these Chocolate Fudge Pretzel Combos a try.