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Review – Stewart’s Blackberry Gelato

Of the three flavors of gelato introduced recently by Stewart’s, I was definitely most interested in the Blackberry.

080215-2Of course I picked up a pint just before they went on sale…but, whatever.  These things happen.

Not much to review here, really, check out the ingredients:


Blackberry flavor and blackberry puree in the ‘wave’…aka swirl.  So there’s a lot of blackberry flavor.  The flavor is really good.  The swirl, er, ‘wave’, is great.  Fruity and tasty.

Long story short, great flavor, less-than-amazing texture.  The texture, for comparison, doesn’t remind me of a Talenti gelato.  It does, however, remind me greatly of a “frozen dairy dessert”.  This is plenty tasty enough to polish off the pint, but I can’t see us buying it again, particularly when so many great flavors of ice cream are available at Stewart’s.