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Review – Brach’s Peanut Butter Cup Candy Corn

So these are new?  I knew it was coming out, but never saw them last year.  Well, I was out grocerysploring this afternoon and my last stop was Rite Aid.  I was shaking my head at the Halloween stuff that was already out on a top shelf and, lo and behold, Brach’s Peanut Butter Cup Candy Corn.

I was like, hey, this is neat, I didn’t find it last year, but at least I could try it now.


Well, I got home and, because I couldn’t actually remember seeing any reviews, I hit the net.  Nothing on Candy Blog.  Nothing from JunkFoodGuy.com.  Nothing even on The Impulsive Buy.  Not even in Spotted On Shelves.  They’re on Amazon…well, listed, but not actually available.  What the heck?  Are they just coming out now?  Maybe so.

Well, there’s at least one review out there now.  I don’t know where else they are, but locally they’ve got them at the Rite Aid on Eastern in Schenectady.  $1.79.


I cut the bag open and stuck my nose in.  Hey, these smell like peanut butter cups.  True, it’s a waxy, plastic-y peanut butter cup, but recognizable and passable.  Good start, Brach’s.


They look ok for the most part, typical Brach’s quality.  Well, maybe not that one on the bottom there.  Gobble gobble…wow, these do taste like peanut butter cups!  Not Reese’s quality, not as good as the Oreos, but these are not bad.  As usual, I tried to sample the colors individually.  Normally I get nothing out of doing this.  But the dark brown does seem to taste different than the light brown.  The light seems to taste peanut buttery and the dark is chocolately.  The white?  Well, that kind of tastes chocolately, too.  Got me.

So, yeah, these are worth picking up if you can find them.  Good on ya, Brach’s!

(welcome, readers of The Impulsive Buy – thanks for the linkage, Marvo!)

(7/31 update – the more of these I eat, the more inconsistent they seem – some are spot on, some are just waxy and unpleasant, some are in between…weird for a Brach’s product)


3 thoughts on “Review – Brach’s Peanut Butter Cup Candy Corn

  1. Here via TIB. I haven’t made up my mind if I’m going to look for these–one minute they’re appealing and the next they turn my stomach.

    Love your word ‘grocerysploring!’

  2. Thanks for stopping by. If you like trying novelty flavors of things like candy corn they’re probably worth the price. However I find that a couple at a time is enough, I wouldn’t demolish the bag at once. Then again I can only eat a few ‘regular’ candy corn at a time, also.

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