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Memphis King – Best BBQ?

Anybody care to suggest local BBQ that they think is better than Memphis King ’round these parts?


We’re newish to The Memphis King, but already giant fans (that can’t go too often, lest we become too “giant”).  We decided to dig in this past weekend with, amongst other things, ribs like this one (falling right off the bone, as you can see), pulled pork (which I love…and I really don’t even like pulled pork, usually), and their fantastic mac & cheese.  Homemade BBQ sauces, too.  I also love the passion they have for BBQ – it comes through in their menu, their food, and in person when you’re there.

Definitely a great way to beat the heat this weekend with some decadent treats – two movies (Minions and Mr. Holmes) and BBQ from Memphis King.