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Stewart’s Premium Milk Chocolate with S’mores candy bar

I saw this new, limited edition bar being hyped by Stewart’s on their social media and, not having ever tried a Stewart’s candy bar (not knowing they had their own brand of candy bars), I decided I had to give this one a try next time I stopped in.

062815-5A pop in for eggs was that time (no Cornell Farms at the Greenmarket = Stewart’s eggs).

062815-4Opening up, I was quite pleasantly surprised by this multi-piece bar.

062815-3Gorgeous!  Well-formed, shiny, intact.  Very easy to snap individual pieces off and each piece contains its innards without ooze running between pieces.

062801-1The back is bumply, it looks like this is where the graham lives.  There’s not much graham.  There’s not enough graham.



What you have is a thin milk chocolate layer with a chocolate enrobed, runny ‘marshmallow’ filling.  A touch of graham on the bottom.  The package, sadly, is misleading:

062815-9See?  Looks like marshmallow filling over a layer of graham, surrounded by chocolate.  The filling is so runny, as you can see from the bite above, that it makes it hard to really see what’s going on.  So out comes the sharp knife:

062815-8Yeah…no layer of graham there.  No fluffy marshmallow, either.  Just the gooey fondant.  It is good, don’t get me wrong, and you’ll have no problem finishing the bar, but it’s a little sadmaking.  More graham.  Solid, fluffy marshmallow.  It’s OK.  Then again I haven’t had any other bars from Stewart’s, so maybe they’re all sort of inferior?  Dunno.  Certainly doesn’t hold a candle to their dairy products.

Good, but not great.  I think if I knew more what I was getting I’d have been more OK with it, because it’s decent.  The chocolate is pretty good for milk chocolate (I prefer dark).  Hard to really rate this, I think I would have quite liked it without the expectations.

Final thought…I cannot for the life of me figure out why the ingredient list (ignoring sub-ingredients in parentheses) is:

  1. milk chocolate
  2. marshmallow cream
  3. graham cracker
  4. marshmallow cream
  5. graham cracker


(Update: Stewart’s has informed me via Twitter that the duplication is simply a “typo”…so that clears that up.)