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Dunkin’ disappoinment – Chips Ahoy! donuts

I have to admit, I was indeed mighty intrigued (ok, salivating is more accurate) when I saw the new Dunkin’ Donuts Chips Ahoy! donuts pop up on Grub Grade.  Intrigued enough to actually buy a couple of donuts, which happens once every few years or so.  And?

(insert sad trombone)


These sounded absolutely fantastic…well, at least one of them did.  Let’s start with the less interesting option, the one I never figured was going to be a home run: the Chips Ahoy! Crunch donut.  That’s the one with the hole.  What you see is what you get.  Plain yeast ring, chocolately dipped top, sprinkling of Chips Ahoy! crumbs on top.  I’ll give them this, the adherence of the crumbs/dust was pretty good.  The problem should be obvious.  Take a closer look at the picture.  How many real pieces of “Crunch” do you see?  One?  Two?  It was mostly cookie dust.  I think there were maybe 3 or 4 chocolate chips from the Chips Ahoy! on there.  So really all you have is a plain ring with chocolate that tastes like it was on the bottom of the bag and got some crumbs from something else on it so it’s a little gritty.  Seriously, compare my picture with the picture from the website.


Right?  Pretty lame.  I didn’t see any that were much different on the rack behind the counter.  The donut itself was fine, typical Dunkin’ ring with chocolate.  It was far from fresh, but that’s my fault for when I bought it, no harm no foul there.  Unless you see some on the rack that look like the promo shot, just don’t bother with this one.  Even if it is more crunched up, I’d be hesitant.  I don’t think the cookies really even work with the donuts based on the couple of bites that had enough actual cookie to tell.  The donut and chocolate is super sweet, Chips Ahoy! really aren’t.  The flavors more clash than blend to me, they don’t make a greater sum from the parts.  It made me think, “Wait – do I really want cookies on top of my donut?”

The other one, the Chips Ahoy! Creme, though…that was the one that I really went to DD to get.  Listen to this: “A yeast shell filled with cookie dough flavored buttercreme, frosted with chocolate icing and dipped in crumbled Chips Ahoy!® cookies.”  Oh.  Man.  Yes.  Between that and the promo photos I’m picturing one of their tasty vanilla filled donuts, except it’s got chocolate icing and cookies on it and the vanilla instead is a thick, rich, cookie dough flavored buttercream (creme).  They sure suckered me, I’ll give them that.  Look at that filling:


Pathetic.  That’s not buttercream or even buttercreme.  Their chocolate and vanilla fillings are thick and rich and sugary.  This?  This was pathetic.  Thin and drooling, a bit sweet, and basically completely lacking in any flavor that resembled cookie dough or anything cookie-like.  It just tasted…odd…off…weird…a bit gritty?  The fact that it also had a dusting of crumbs on top instead of crumbled cookies was basically just the final insult, that ‘no, we don’t really care’.  Look at that promo picture!  That thing is COVERED with crumbled Chips Ahoy!.  The filling looks firm and thick, as it should be.  That donut looks awesome!


I just can’t recommend either of these.  Not at all.  They’re honestly so bad that I’m scrapping my plans to try the Chips Ahoy! Coolatta.  Now a stop in for the returning Oreo Coolatta….that’s another story…

Got these at the DD on Route 146 in Clifton Park by the Rexford Bridge.