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Burger 5 at Burger 21: Let’s go to Greece!

Burger 5 from Burger 21 also finds me trying another Featured Burger: the Gyro Burger.  This was quite good.

This one is described as:

A lamb and beef blend seasoned with Mediterranean herbs and spices, grilled to perfection and served on a bed of crisp romaine, vine-ripe tomatoes and tangy red onion, topped with freshly-sliced cucumbers and cool tzatziki sauce on a toasted brioche bun.

Just so you know what I’m basing this on…first I pulled off about 2/3 of the shredded lettuce.  Then all the red onion.  The ‘vine-ripe tomatoes’ was one slice of tomato, but it was indeed juicy and ripe, which was nice.  The weirdest bit was the sliced cucumber.  They did look ‘freshly-sliced’, as they weren’t overly uniform in thickness, but all trended thin.  I’m just not sure it really worked with everything else.  I’d have preferred the cucumber in the tzatziki.

The tzatziki itself was decent, although not amazing.  It was quite thin, leading to a lack of staying power on the burger.  While the yogurty taste was definitely reminiscent of tzatziki, I would’ve liked more garlic and, yes, slivered or diced cucumber…plus a thicker, clingier sauce.  It did help take away some of the dry taste of this burger.

The bun is lame.  But I looked in vain for other options at the menu.  If you check out the online menu, you’ll see that they’ve excised all but the toasted brioche and the whole wheat (not a fan of their WW bun, even though I make my own burger buns out of whole wheat)…the regular seeded bun is gone, even though it makes an appearance in pictures.  Oh well.

That leaves us with the very different burger patty on this one…and it makes the rest all worthwhile.  A lamb/beef blend with herbs and spices.  This was seriously good…and yes, it tasted a lot like gyro meat.  Quite fatty, probably from the lamb, there was quite a glisten to this when bitten into (but not drippy).  But you know how that can actually taste dry?  That’s when I meant above about it being dry.  More tzatziki would have helped.  But it was chock full of herbs and spices, you could see the herbs studded throughout the meat.

This is a dang tasty burger…if you like gyros it’s worth a shot.