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A very dill trip to Wendy’s

Sort of on a whim, looking for a smaller sandwich, I decided to take a shot on the new Crispy Dill Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s on State.

There wasn’t a lot unexpected here (although the preparation left a little to be desired, which is typical of this location, unfortunately).  Briefest review – I liked it.

The cheese, sadly unmelty, was supposed to be Monterey Jack, but could have been a mild white cheddar or even white American if you ask me.  Fine, but whatever.  The chicken was pretty straightforward fast food chicken patty, it was nice and crispy, if not packed with flavor…or really with any flavor.  One giant leaf of boring, but fresh, lettuce.  I really could’ve gone with a slice of tomato instead of lettuce, but whatever.

Which brings us to the stars of this Dill sandwich…the dill.  Instead of your typical 2 pickle chips, this sandwich had a full circle of 5 crispy, crinkle cut dill pickle chips.  Nothing special, but the quantity ensures you get pickle in every bite.  Then there’s the cucumber dill sauce.  A decent smear was on my sandwich and I gave it a taste, hoping it would be like a tzatziki, but it’s not really.  No garlic that I could tell, anyway.  And the base was more mayo-y than yogurt-y if you ask me.  But it was fine, if not cucumber-y.  It was loaded with flecks of dill and had a noticeable dill taste.  It did a decent job offsetting the dryness of the other ingredients.  Again, tomato would have been a nice choice here vs. lettuce to help juice it up a bit.

It’s a decent sandwich for less then 6 quarters and it’s something different.  I like that Wendy’s is willing to do small size special/limited edition sandwiches instead of just the $7 large ones.  Nicely done, Wendy’s.  Maybe I”ll try it again and ask for tomato.