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Be a Happy Camper at Stewart’s

Happy Camper ice cream at Stewart’s is described thusly:

Graham cracker flavored ice cream with chocolate covered peanut butter cups, graham cracker pie crust pieces, and a marshmallow swirl

In case you were wondering if Stewart’s limited edition Happy Camper ice cream is any good…it is.

  1. Did you read that description?
  2. Stewart’s makes good ice cream.
  3. Seriously, if you read it why are you asking?

Oh, by the way…hand-packed pints are on sale this week and it’s going to be around 90 degrees.  Make room in the freezer.

You’re welcome.

If you want a bit more detail…

The ice cream has a light, but definite and distinguishable, graham cracker flavor.  I didn’t really notice the marshmallow swirl, to be honest, but the base itself is gooey and has some pull to it, so I think the swirl actually mixed right into the base and joined with it to form one fantastic concoction – a graham crackery marshmallowy base of yum.  Our pint was a touch melty when we got it to the freezer, so that may have impacted it.  It’s awesome, though.

In the scoop+ I’ve had so far I noted few graham cracker pie crust pieces (genius, by the way, way better than just using graham cracker pieces, and I’m stealing it next time I want that flavor in a homemade batch), but they’re a nice bit of crunch when you hit one.  The PB cups are totally standard, the tiny confections that you find in a lot of ice creams or baking.  Nothing unusual, but a nice addition.

Clearly this is a s’mores flavor, so why the PB cups?  Why not chocolate chunks or chips?  I think that would have been fine, personally.  But then again, for a seasonal, limited batch, over-the-top choice?  Why not.

All in all, it’s about all you can do not to destroy a pint in one go if you ask me.

(apparently a returning favorite – new to me this year)


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