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Help me out here, Capital District

Two things.

First: Where are the new snacks at?!  Seriously, it seems like either this region is a black hole when it comes to new snack releases or I’m just looking in all the wrong places.  Does anyone know if a particular store/chain around here is the best source of new/limited edition items compared to the others?  I usually try a few supermarkets, Targets, Walmarts, CVSs, Walgreen…lately it’s been miserable.

I mean, I had to get the Vanilla Frosting Combos at a random gas station.  That’s pathetic.  It took so long to find the last couple of Oreos that by the time I tracked them down I’d already read enough reviews to make it not even worthwhile to get them.  That includes the Fruit Punch ones that were ADVERTISED, but not actually IN local Walmarts.  Don’t you hate that?  The last time I found anything of interest in a timely fashion was the mystery Jacked Doritos that I found the evening before their official launch at the Clifton Park Price Chopper.

Where are the Cheeseburger Goldfish?

Where are the Minion Tic-Tacs?

Where are the Lemon Twist Oreos?

I know S’mores Oreos aren’t out yet, but will they even show up on their launch day that I believe is tomorrow?  Of course thanks to advance packages to some bloggers, reviews are already out there on these, so you can judge for yourself if you want to get them.


Second: Where do you want to eat?  I’m not going to promise to go and review anywhere that is suggested, but I might.  On a selfish note, it might find us some more good places to eat.  In particularly I would ask for places in the west part of the Capital District – Albany, eastern Schenectady County…

I’ll tell you up front that places specializing in Italian are probably not going to make the cut, which eliminates a lot of options, especially in Schenectady.  Any middle eastern or Greek places we’re missing out on?  On our list already that we haven’t tried is Tara Kitchen, although that’s been reviewed a lot already.  I’ve also got a review started for Alaturco (go there!).   We should try Bel Cibo when she’s able to reopen, too.


3 thoughts on “Help me out here, Capital District

  1. Found the cheeseburger goldfish at Target (C. Park). Same with the Key Lime Pepp. Farm cookies (haven’t tried them yet). For some reason they seem to keep lots of new/odd stuff in the back in a separate aisle or two where they keep seasonal stuff. I hear they also have the limited edition triscuit Coconut-Sea Salt that is out now. I found the S’moreos at WalMart (Halfmoon) late last week. In general I seem to have the best luck finding new/limited offerings at WalMart and Target as opposed to the typical grocery stores. Sometimes you have to hunt in both places though. Like they didn’t have the smoreos in with the regular oreos and only had them on the end of the aisle. I haven’t seen the new lemon twist oreos yet.

    Restaurants. Have you tried Hattie’s Chicken Shack on Exit 15 in Wilton? It’s a bit of a drive, but it you’re ever in the mood for good fried chicken you’ll never go anywhere else. It’s the same good stuff without having to fight for parking in downtown saratoga. Decent kid offerings too. I was also pleasantly surprised by a recent lunch at Orange Mango on Central Ave in Albany. A decent little three course combo Thai lunch for 12.99. I imagine the dinner is pretty good too. Have you tried Karavelli in Latham for Indian food? I’ve heard it’s good but haven’t tried it myself. It’s on Johnson Rd.

  2. Oh, one more. If you haven’t been, definitely try McGreivey’s in the Village of Waterford. It’s not well known, but it’s very very good with reasonable prices. Art, the head chef, is a local guy and sources a lot of his ingredients locally. They have a Sunday brunch that’s supposedly great, though I haven’t been myself. It’s only a 10 minute drive from the Halfmoon/Clifton Park area.

  3. Thanks for the feedback. I agree that Walmart and Target tend to present new stuff earlier than the markets around here. But I haven’t been having luck, maybe just the specific stuff I’ve been after. I’ll try Target for the Goldfish, looking forward to trying those. We saw the Triscuits at Hannaford this weekend as well as the S’mores Oreos, but for some unfathomable reason they had them on a small display in the back of the store near the eggs. What?!

    Not much of a fried chicken fan, take it or leave it, so we haven’t tried Hatties, but I think I’ve been by it. Haven’t tried Orange Mango, either. Not big into Thai, there are other local bloggers that can do a much more credible review of someplace like that.

    Karavalli is incredibly good. Far and away our favorite Indian restaurant in the area. Definitely try it. The 2:1 Indian/non-Indian ratio of guests has to tell you something. The weekend buffet is normally packed with local Indians. Love the Lamb Rogan Josh.

    Feel like I’ve heard a lot about McGreivey’s…have to look into it again.

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